The 3DS gets a colossal price drop in all regions

So the 3DS has been disappointing for Nintendo so far with a huge sales drop off after launch and the Wii and DS reaching saturation, they are in a bit of a pickle financially. Therefore, a press statement was released on thursday announcing massive price cuts in all territories for the system and, boy, do they mean it!

The prices are as follows: Japan - ¥15,000, down from ¥25,000. Europe does not currently have a price but considering the average price reduction is a third of the current price, it's suggested to be fairly sizeable. Australia - AUD$250, down from AUD$350. United States and Canada - $169.99, down from $249.99. Prices effective from August 12th

If I have my maths right, that means that the 3DS is now cheaper than the Xbox 360 Arcade and the iPod Touch, so if you were on the fence about buying one, now is a good time before the christmas rush begins and the system is sold out globally (Mario Kart, Starfox and Kid icarus are slated for release during this window).

Those who already have a 3DS will also recieve 20 free Virtual Console, Gameboy and Gameboy Advance games, if they visit the 3DS store and register before the price cuts come into effect. More info in the link.

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"Those who already have a 3DS will also recieve 20 free Virtual Console, Gameboy and Gameboy Advance games"

*cough cough die die hack ack*

I love you Nintendo.

Also, if anyone reads this and wants to know how to get those 20 free games (because Kotaku's writers take 20 minutes to say something that should take 20 seconds):
-Sign into the eShop on the 3DS before August 12th, and wait until September 1st for the 10 free NES games, and sometime later in the year for the 10 free GBA games
-It appears they games are tied to the system, so don't drop it down a well or anything.

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I agree that while this is clearly a business oriented move by Nintendo, I have to admit that this is an incredible gesture of goodwill to it's loyalists. Tbh, I wouldn't want to be in a Sony board meeting right now, since Nintendo has effectively ruined the Vita's launch window and it's had a lot of it's christmas sales eaten into as well. I'm not going to erect the Vita's grave just yet, the fact that it's battery life could potentially be even worse than the 3DS's and a weaker line-up compared to what the 3DS will have when it launches (hint: it rhymes with 'Cario Hart'), it doesn't look rosy for Sony!

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After Sony's royal screw up I don't think anything new will be doing well for a while. I mean the Vita looks good, darn good, but with handhelds, and the state of the economy (don't forget the tsunami), if it's Sony vs Nintendo, doesn't matter what goes on, Nintendo will be the winner.

I hear Super Mario Bros 3 is one of the GBA games. I should just get my 3DS permanently implanted into my palms, then mutate to grow a third appendage that has a thumb and index finger so I can put games in and out of the 3DS.

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