Patch 4.3 'Hour of Twilight' hits WoW this week! (Spoilers!)


The story so far

Quick recap on what's happened in WoW over the last year or so, after the defeat of Arthas at the end of Wrath of the Lich King, the Alliance and Horde were fairly settled with one another. However, a few months after the end of the war against the Lich King, the corrupted leader of the black dragons, who had been forced into hiding since the end of Warcraft 2, emerged from deep beneath the earth and radically changed the landscape of Azeroth as well as breaking a load of other shit in the process. 

Prior to this, the Horde warchief, Thrall, sensed that there was something drastically wrong and stepped down from his position to further train as a shaman. Leaving Garrosh Hellscream, the son of Grom Hellscream (Who helped defeat Mannaroth in Warcraft 3) to serve as the new warchief. However, under his leadership, many members of the horde, particularly the Trolls, felt that Garrosh's warmongering was causing huge divides within the ranks. 

Eventually, Garrosh was challenged by the Tauren Chief, Cairne Bloodhoof, for the right of leadership in a duel to the death. The two eventually dueled and, to the horror of the onlooking Tauren, Garrosh killed Cairne, who was unaware that Garrosh's axe was poisoned by a rogue Tauren priest. 

After stopping Mount Hyjal from being burned to ashes by Deathwing's minions and travelling to the realm of earth, Deepholme, to prevent azeroth from collapsing in on itself. The heroes of the Alliance and Horde successfully lead assaults on strongholds that were occupied by Deathwing's followers and allies.

The leaders (also known as Aspects) of the remaining dragons, held a council after it was found that Deathwing's masters, the Old Gods (think Cthulu in the Warcraft universe), were finally playing their cards in an event known as the 'Hour of Twilight', which will kill every living thing on Azeroth if it isn't stopped.


Patch features

  • Dragon Soul Raid - Signalling the end of the Cataclysm expansion, this is the final stand. A total of 8 bosses are all that stands between players and victory against Deathwing. Promising to be the most cinematic and epic raid that WoW has ever seen with cutscenes galore, this is something you don't want to miss.
  • 3 new Heroic dungeons - Acting as a prelude to the Dragon Soul raid, these 3 new heroics will take players to the past, present and future to recover the 'Dragon Soul', the only weapon capable of breaching Deathwing's armour. In 'End Time', Players will be transported to an apocalyptic future timeline to see what would happen if the Hour of Twilight ever occured. In 'Well of Eternity', they will then travel back 10,000 years to when the Burning Legion first invaded Azeroth to assist Illidan Stormrage in beating back the demonic hordes and recover the Dragon Soul. In 'Hour of Twilight', players will assist Thrall and the Dragon Soul in securing safe passage to Wyrmrest Temple. However, all is not well, as there is a traitor in the midst.
  • The new Darkmoon Faire - The Darkmoon Faire now has its own seperate island for one and all to explore, plenty of minigames to play and prizes to win with mounts and pets being the most lucrative!
  • Transmogrification - Ever wanted to have the look of your badass old gear, but want the stats of your newer stuff? Well, now you can with the new Transmogrification service. In every major city, you can change any piece of armour you have equipped into a copy of gear that you have already obtained while still keeping your current stats. Hopefully, people can stop complaining about new gear sets looking like crap and play the game for once now!
  • Legendary Questline: Fangs of the Father - In this new legendary questline exclusive to Rogues, players will be able to acquire two legendary level daggers for use with the