E3 predictions

So, E3 is just over 3 weeks away and we have an idea what we will see there, Modern Warfare 3, Wii 2, Sony’s NGP, Skyrim, Gears 3, Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, Zelda: Skyward Sword, Mass Effect 3. However, as we all know, E3 is an unpredictable beast at the best of times and anything can happen.

Therefore, I believe a little gazing into the crystal ball is appropriate and I shall post my predictions as to what I suspect will go down at E3 2011.

Metroid Dread revealed for the 3DS.

Let’s face it, the 3DS didn’t have the best of launches with a mostly terrible line-up followed by a lengthy software drought has crippled sales for Nintendo’s Brainchild. However, Nintendo will reveal to the world the elusive Metroid title that was thought to be cancelled/put on ice in 2008 (see source) and reveal Samus’ return to a 2D plane.

The game will be set some time after Metroid Fusion, currently the most recent game in the timeline, and will see a return to side-scrolling Super Metroid style gameplay rather than the 3D shooter escapades seen in Metroid Prime. However, 3D models will still be used to take advantage of the 3DS’s graphical capabilities and to enhance the sense of immersion.

Insomniac reveals their first multiplatform title

Last year, Insomniac stated that they intended to move away from PS3 exclusives, but they didn’t plan on taking any of their existing franchises with them in the move to multiplatform games. Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that they would make some sort of announcement or teaser to show off what they have been doing when they weren’t working on Resistance 3.

Modern Warfare 3 gets subscription fees for multiplayer

Let’s face it, everyone knows this is coming, especially from a company that is already nickel and diming us with their overpriced map packs and DLC. Activision might not want us to think about it, but Bobby Kotick likes money and IP murder, so tough shit for all of us. At least we can cling onto the hope that COD is released from its torment, Blizzard and Activision are separated once and for all and the shareholders at Activision castrate ol’ Bobby for destroying their once profitable and legitimate business in the near future!

Nintendo announces ‘The Lobby’

In an effort to break into the online market, Nintendo reveals a new media hub built specifically for the Wii 2 known as ‘The Lobby’. The Lobby will be similar in style to Playstation Home, but the art design will be altered to better suit a hotel from the 1950’s and the camera view will be from a First Person perspective.

Users will be able to enter several different areas each housing a different type of content, a cinema that streams the latest game and movie trailers, a shop that will allow the purchase of DLC and add-ons for Mii’s, a casino with a selection of free-to-play mini-games and, of course, a lounge where users from across the globe will be able to play their favourite titles online.

Final Fantasy Versus 13 goes multiplatform

In a financially motivated move from a publisher that has had a disastrous year in the MMO market with Final Fantasy 14, a cash strapped Square-Enix announces that the highly anticipated Final Fantasy Versus 13 will also see release on the Xbox 360 as well as the PS3 in western markets. This move sparks a lot of controversy from the Final Fantasy fanbase that have eagerly waited 5 years for the game’s release, only to have the release pushed back further as a result of the platform changes.

Capcom Collaborates with Nintendo again to make a brand new handheld Zelda

Ocarina of Time might be getting a remake on the 3DS and Skyward Sword is on its way, but we’ve not had a true top down Zelda game for a little while now. So Nintendo and Capcom, who had previously collabed to create The Minish Cap and the Oracle of Ages/Seasons (often regarded as some of the best games in the series), decided to get their shit together and create another top down Zelda for the 3DS.

Unlike Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks for the DS, more traditional button controls will be used for combat and movement, although the touch screen will still be used for marking important locations and puzzle solving.

A major change to the series will see the time period shift to a slightly more modern era with vehicles such as airships and trains featuring prominently in the major towns and cities, however, weapons and items such as the Hookshot, Master Sword and bow and arrow will still be used and the mythology will largely stay in continuity with the rest of the series.


Metroid Dread - http://uk.kotaku.com/5277377/nintendo-new-metroid-is-not-metroid-dread


Note: I am not an industry analyst nor do I work for Nintendo, Sony or any games company, these predictions are made for fun and any relevance they may have to future events are completely coincidental. They are not intended to be taken seriously and any attack made at a person/s is purely for comedic purposes and may not reflect the true opinion of the author.

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I admire the disclaimer you got there. These are interesting but yet don't seem entirely original. I can honestly say though I could care less about any of these besides the CoD subscription fee. If this does become true, I will not buy the insufferable piece of trash.

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E3 tends to be more about gameplay reveals more than surprises, and typically the surprises are out of nowhere (Portal 2 on PS3). As long as we get some good Gears of War 3, Battlefield 3, and Mass Effect 3 gameplay I'll be happy. Modern Warfare 3 subscription fee wouldn't surprise me, but also Patcher being wrong wouldn't surprise me either, so we'll have to see about that one.

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nice piece. I'm hoping for the announcement of a Sega console, doubtful.

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I'm hoping that the PS3 multiplatformizes every Xbox exclusive left... Realistically GTAV

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@TastyBizkitz, As Ares pointed out, E3 tends to be more about the gameplay as the main focus. I was avoiding commenting on what the Wii 2 will have in terms of the controller as anything I wrote would likely have been unintentionally turned into a rumor.

I don't really have much to work with this year since we already know what will be there and I have to be semi-realistic in what I predict as E3 is a trade show and is meant to satisfy the shareholders as well as the gaming community. So I can't come up with anything batshit insane like 'Atari buys Microsoft's Xbox division', but I do appreciate the feedback.


On a more general note, here's how I feel the press conferences will be ranked:

1. Nintendo. Wii 2 and 3DS blow out wipes the floor with the competition, mayhem at Nintendo's booth the following morning. Nintendo continues to fill an olympic sized swimming pool with money

2. Microsoft. MW3 demo shown along with more Gears gameplay and Kinect support. 20 minute Skyrim demo also shown.

3. Sony. Uncharted 2 also gets a lengthy demo, Twisted Metal gets a release date, Last Guardian projected for late autumn/winter.

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