Blizzard reveals 'Mists of Pandaria' expansion for WoW


  • New Continent: Pandaria - Hidden by a mist for thousands of years, this largely peaceful and serene continent is a natural wonder and home to the Pandaren race, last seen all the way back in Warcraft 3.
  • New Playable Race: Pandaren - Proficient in martial arts with a love for adventure and heady brews, the Pandaren are playable by both Alliance and Horde players. They begin as a neutral faction up until the end of their starting zone around level 10 at which point players can decide which faction their character allies with.
  • New Class: Monk - Can be played by most races, except Goblins and Worgen, and can fill all three class roles (Tank, DPS and Healer). They have no auto-attack, unlike other classes and use a light/dark energy mechanic to pull off special moves. They use cloth and leather armour for their gear and can use bare hands and feet as well as staffs and one-handed weapons in combat.
  • Level cap raised to 90 - 5 additional levels have been added to every character, meaning plenty of new quests and zones to explore.
  • Challenge Mode Dungeons - A true test of skill, get through a dungeon as fast as possible with a set of fixed stats on your character. Leaderboards, Valor points you can spend on new gear and and awesome looking, statless loot that can be used with the new transmogrification service included in the next patch for Cataclysm to make yourself look like a badass.
  • PvE Scenarios - Don't have a raiding guild? Sick of queuing for dungeons? Hop into a PvE scenario and be instantly in the thick of the action. Functioning like PvP battlegrounds, in these special scenarios you could be defending Stormwind from an invasion, establishing a beach head, evacuating a town or any number of situations. The gameplay is supposedly objective based so it can be a nice break from the usual, kill trash, fight boss, kill trash monotony of dungeons and ensures that there is always stuff to do.
  • Pet Battle System - So all of those pets you've been collecting over the years finally have a use aside from looking cool. Open to all players, you can collect, train and battle with your pets in turn-based, retro awesomeness. It's like Pokemon with WoW pets!
  • New Talent System - Say goodbye to the old boring cookie cutter chararcter builds. No longer do you gain talent points every couple of levels, talents now function as a way of further customising your character without being forced to follow the optimal path. Every 15 levels you can choose 1 of 3 talents to add to your character that act more like perks, in that they aren't required to play your class correctly, but they do provide some neat little features such as being able to remove a debuff when you activate a certain ability or providing stun and root removal.


Personally, when I first saw the trailer I was a little skeptical about how some of the features would be integrated into the game. However, in the preview panel that followed, I was happy that WoW is effectively on a bit of a breather from the usual "OMGZ, SUM BIG BAD GAI IS SMASHIN' UP HOUR STUFFZ. WE HALF TO KILL HIM!!!!!!!!" stuff and we're actually getting a sense of adventure again.

That's not to say that there won't be any conflict, since the Alliance and Horde will no doubt be fighting for Pandaria's resources. I also like how talents are going to be simplified so that we don't have to go back to our class trainer each time we want to change something. We still have our actual talents from previous expansions but we gain them instantly when we choose a specialization and can the further specialize though the new talents. Expanded choice of end-game content is also very much appreciated by myself, since now I don't have to wait 30 minutes to run a dungeon only for the group to disband near the end boss.

As a final thought, the community is clearly divided on what to make of the expansion so far. Ironically, a couple of days before 'Mists of Pandaria' was announced, the usual bunch of haters were pleading for 'anything but the shit we have now!' from blizzard. Come the big reveal, forums were flooded with 'Pandas WTF?! This is Bullshit!' resulting in massive flame wars and QQing so much so that you'd think that Blizzard had crucified their dogs and cats live on stage!

If this means that WoW has to suffer another sub drop to get rid of these idiots, then fair game, because they are adding nothing to the community. That said, if these assholes jump ship to TOR, then I feel sorry for the TOR players who will have to deal with them and their hypocritical asses!

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Sooo, how old is this game again?*looks at wikipedia* 6 years!!! I think this is the most cost effective game ever made.

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Yeah, they've definately got their money's worth out of the engine, although some of the models for the older races (Night Elf, Human, Tauren, Orc, Troll, Dwarf, etc) are really starting to show their age compared to the newer races like Pandaren, Goblin and Worgen, in terms of model quality. Blizzard are planning to update them at some point, but they don't want to change the style of them in the process.

I do expect a massive update to the engine or a complete change out at some point, but that might not happen due to technical issues. I'm satisfied with the WoW's look for the time being though, so I dont really care all that much.

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