Killzone 3

Let me start off with the words "This game is refined perfectly".

Now all Playstation 3 owners must, MUST agree that Killzone 2's controls were awful. The developers did say it was for the feel of the game, that it would make it feel more "realistic" (I'm using the "" because you cannot call a game reality in my opinion) but it was more frustrating then emersive. But in Killzone 3 they have refined the controls to a point where it's enjoyable to play it. If you have watched or listened to Podcasts of John and Dan they have talked about how horrible it was to play with the controls the game had. And again we have to agree to it. But in Killzone 3 they have really refined the controls to a point were you feel emersed more into the game and with it, it becomes so much more enjoyable to play for long hours at a time. You're not sitting at your couch and just screaming "Jesus, I can't even begin to aim with this god forsaken Sniper rifle" theres no more of just being pissed off at the controls that they had.


Now a second thing that, well to me barely made an impression was the story for the 2nd game. Now many opinions here will differ, some might have loved the campaign of Killzone 2, some might think it was completely stupid and then theres people like me where the campaign hasn't left an impression in our heads but we still sorta enjoyed it. But let me tell you again that I was amazed about how the story was executed in Killzone 3. When I booted up the game I just thought that some other studio made this game, some completely different studio. The campaign had something that the 2nd didn't have and that was interest in what was going to happen next, questions that needed to be answered. And the thing that surprised me the most was it had a bit of variety in missions as well. Though what was a let down is that they spent the whole variety in the very beginning, they should've put another mission in with some of the stealth gameplay too let you loose some steam if you were playing it for hours. And let me tell you that the enemies in the game also have a tad more needed variety and I don't mean their gonna thrown in a heavy once in a while I mean troop variety. At one pojnt there might just be regular soldiers at another their might be a sniper mixed in their as well or what I did enjoy seeing were the Jetpack guys which died pretty hilariuosly. In other words the Campaign for Killzone 3 is now actually worth listening and playing.


And probably the last thing I want to adress is that in Killzone 2 there were F bombs every second of the game and the voice acting was really bad. But now since I explained how the story of Killzone 3 is just amazing in my opinion, I want to say that the voice acting in this game is supurb, especially from the Helghan side of the cutscenes where their debating about their Battle Plans against the ISA. Now the F bombs aren't gone I can tell you that right now but their pushed out at the right times and not every second word is an F bomb.


Now I couldn't do a Multiplayer review for variuos reasons and the one thats the main is, everybody will have mixed impressions of it and if really it will depend on the individual buying the game. Personally I think it's just great but will not go into detail because if honest I'm a PC player and I enjoy the story over the multiplayer (Unless I'm playing with people I know, which makes it it's own story then).


But this game should be a Must Have for PS3 owners. Why? Simply because it's a refined exclusive to the PS3. And I urge people to drop their Call of Duty and do a Call to your nearest Game shop and get this game. Atleast rent it, atleast.

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Good post, but plenty of gramatical errors.

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