Space Cakes | Episode X | MR DEH JESUS

This Episode as we actually talk about games!! ........and of course the 'other' usual subject matter. So let's see from what I remember in my foggy memory we talked about Portal 2 (a lot), Crysis 2, Multiplayer maps and Map Creators, Fry Cry 2, Mafia II, Battlefield, Gears of War 3 Beta, Wii Games, the new Wii2 (Project Cafe), plus our favorite games of all time. Oh and of course stories and more ridiculous stories... JONG WANG, Mr DE-JESUS, and how to Bang Chicks as a Gamer While Living in the Laundromat Room the Introduction.

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I miss the ''other'' stuff but I also love the fact that you actually talked about gaming.

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Maybe with some competition the Chimps will make a better podcast.

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I love podcasts, so I think I will give this one a shot.

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Wheres the Sex corner at? You guys are still freaking hilarious though. 

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Nas <3

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Simply the best podcast.

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