Space Cakes | Episode 3 | NSFW

This week we got the usual homies, Myself and Squid, plus special guest @girafferacer aka James joining the Space Cakes fam. In this episode we don't talk about any games...well we did mention the NES, but other than that it's 100% off the rails stuff-your-mommies-don't-want-you-listening-to. Yep, we just might have crossed the line in this one. Listen at your discretion!! 

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Twitter:  @r3b3link @squ1d714 @girafferacer

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TastyBizkitz's picture

This made my day, and made me high all at the same time.

R3b3L iNk's picture

Word? Thx and I like a good 'biskit' too.

FratasticVoyage's picture

It is pretty sweet having a giant penis, but sometimes it's irritating when a girl is just too tight...

R3b3L iNk's picture

True, i gotta funny story about that.  I'll tell it next time.

FratasticVoyage's picture

I love the Nas in the background. You should put some Tyler, the Creator on there. He just stopped by a Newbury comics near my house and started a riot. His new album Goblin is fuckin nuts. "Jesus called and said he's sick of the disses, I told him to quit bitchin this isn't a fuckin hotline"

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