Red Faction: Armageddon Demo - First Impressions

MrArchebald's picture

Loved this!! Please do a Lets Play!!! I'd love it!!!

Jvez22's picture

yes do a lets play of this.

Rxanadu's picture

I've been wondering, R3b3L iNk: what do you or anyone else get out of submitting guides to this site aside from good coverage on Google searches?

canmatt145's picture

Nice first impression! This game looks tight

NightShroud's picture

@Rxanadu in every video they get to plug their own website, they used to (not anymore I think) get paid to do guides. It certainly has it's benefits.

R3b3L iNk's picture

That is correct.

Adam Page's picture

i like, in this world of quality games like Portal 2 and L.A Noire its nice to seem some big dumb fun in the vein of Bulletstorm

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