Premature Evaluations: iPhone 5

My contract with AT&T was up, so this morning I rolled out of bed and drove to the local Apple store and bought a 32GB Black iPhone 5.

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I got mine today also, £529 for the 16gb model. I managed to get £200 for my iPhone 4, I expected at least £250 but I'm still satisfied. I love how light it is, the camera is excellent and the data loading times feel significantly faster although I'm still on the same carrier as I was on the iPhone 4. Queued at the mall for 7 hours today, there was at least 1500 people waiting and the Apple store employees were only letting SIX people inside at once! The only gripe I have is that they have changed the dock connector, so now I have to spend £20 on an adaptor so I can us my old accessories. 

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I wish I had an iPhone for the better coverage. Other than that, I'm perfectly okay with my Android phone. I don't do near enough handheld gaming as I do with consoles anyway. If I did, I'd just buy an iPad  for the bigger screen. 

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i wish you guys would review / purchase android phones the new Samsung Galaxy S3

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Am I the only person on this site who doesn't own any Apple products and hates cell phones. I still love tech, but people think it's weird I hate cell phones, guess I'm not part of the norm anymore.

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@explicit_baron. No, there's a small group of people who resist the trend. If you count nerds this is pretty accurate:

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