Premature Evaluations: Super Hexagon

This mind bending $0.99 iOS game is definitely a try.

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Check it out in the iTunes store

Josh Kowbel's picture

I'm glad to see a steady stream of Premature Evaluations coming (intended pun?) out. I would download Super Hexagon too, if it weren't for my Android phone. Yeah yeah, boo and hiss if you must. 

MarioDragon's picture

How is this even...

NeoMV's picture

Love the music. Game looks extremely hard but fun at the same time.

Tyrael's picture

The game sound is a bit too loud imo

ExplicitDQ's picture

Sick beat bro!

Lightning's picture

I know what you mean about settling into an unconscious rhythm of restarting and jumping back into the fray without missing a beat while playing games.

For me, that rhythm is pressing Start + Up + A + Up + A when I'm put in a shitty CoD lobby and need to find a new one.

bloss's picture

This is a great game for a buck, its recommendation is appreciated. 

Charlie Walker's picture

I only just saw the video, and im hooked on this game without playing it, Looks so fun. 

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