Premature Evaluations: Resident Evil 6 Take 2

I wasn't happy with how the previously Premature Evaluation for Resident Evil 6 turned out, so we recorded a second one that I think does a much better job showing off my many issues with this game.

Conan reviews Resident Evil 6.

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sorry john, but your retarded. It shows the button to use your herbs right next to your health.

John Tarr's picture

It shows how to use each pill, not how to quick combine and add to stash.

Scumbagb3n's picture

I think  that the game is Japanese and made for a mainly American audience, so maybye they adapted it for the worse.

Shadow305's picture

At this point, isn't this considered a general review of the game and no longer "premature"?

Scumbagb3n's picture


Someone needs to come up with a new name for full reviews...

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Much better Premature Evaluation than the first. John's surprise when he automatically combined herbs with RB and X echoes my exact reaction. Capcom screwed up hiding useful tips in loading screens, especially when some only last half a second. 

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i feel this review should be a sideways thumb, because fans of the series will most likely enjoy playing as leon and ada or bolder smashing chris. this game has faulty mechanics and quite a few problems. but if you have some one to play with the game is actually quiet enjoyable, very forgettable but while playing it i had fun, besides chris's campaign. but this game is worth about 20 not 60. keep up the good work, cant wait to see dishonored comparison video

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