Premature Evaluations - Resident Evil 6

Hey, do you like zombies? What about survival horror games? Moving and shooting? Well, Resident Evil 6 has LOTS of one of these 3 elements that made the franchise so popular!

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I've given Dead Space 3 a lot of flak, but honestly anything would be better than this. I'm no fan of RE4 or RE5 but they're infinitely preferable to this mess of QTEs and bad camera control.

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Wow i can't believe this is a Resident Evil game.

I haven't played one since Code Veronica. The thing that stood out most is the change in camera angles.In the first few they had quirky camera angles which would jump to the next small area as you were walking, rather than being a typical 3rd person shooter style of always being behind the players back. When the camera quickly turned around the corner you focused so much on finding your bearings that when something jumped out at you it was genuinely scary because you weren't focusing on it.

This doesn't look awful, just generic with some bad game mechanics and as a result doesn't register as a  Resident Evil game for me. 

My Rating: Skip 

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Well, regardless of your complaints, I'm still gonna buy this game. It looks fun. I played a little of the demo and had fun with the new melee combat system. I also like the new dodging mechanics too, that was fun, diving backwards and shooting a zombie in the face. The Mercs mode looks better, the little of it that I saw. In RE5 it was too hard, because of the mini-bosses they threw at you every 20 seconds. The 3 maps thing is bullshit though. In RE4 there was only 4 maps, so they actually reduced the amount, which is unforgivable horseshit. I like the idea of the multi-campaign thing, but I wish there was a true solo mode, since I don't play online often. The skill system seems kinda interesting too. Can you upgrade your guns at all with money? Or is it all skill points now? Because in RE4 and 5 you found money to upgrade your guns with. Is there any merchant at all? Can you buy items, or is it all just found in game? Enemy variation seems really good now, with the multiple evolutions of J'avo or whatever-the-fuck.

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