Premature Evaluations - Medal of Honor: Warfighter

Meh. There's nothing particularly memorable or terrible about this game. If you're looking for an average FPS with a 6-8 hour campaign, you're in luck.

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Medal of Honor: Warfighter gameplay on the Hard difficulty, recorded on the Xbox 360 in 1080p.

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John its bassically EA's answer to the every year call of duty game where you have the treyarch game one year and the "infinity ward" game the next year EA's idea have Battlefield up against the "better cod" and MoH up against treyarch and the audio glitches you were experiencing come from danger closes version of the frostbite 2 engine the same bugs exist in BF3 but have been mostly ironed out


Dan was right it wasnt the end of the game it was like thee middle where your being overrun in that house and the apache helicopters take out the attackers saving you and that driving section you showed was in pakistan the guy kept talking about the ISI showing up they are pakistans CIA equivalent agency

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I'm surprised Medal of Honor is still a franchise...

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Dan's thinking of "Belly of the Beast" from Medal of Honor, and it's not the final mission. You control an Army Ranger as his squad slowly retreats down a hill before a pair of Apache helicopter's fly in to eliminate the insurgents. 

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I feel the same as john when it comes to things being on the opposite side while driving. Sleeping dogs freaked me out because you have to drive on the left side of the street. Its because of that that I drove so incredibly shitty in that game

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If I recall Medal of Honor (2010) had its own share of bugs and glitches as well. There was plenty of texture pop in also. I did like it but its definitely not as polished as the Battlefield games by EA.

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The driving sections were done by EA Black Box so I guess that would explain how oddly fleshed-out they are for just excuses to have a set-piece.

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The reason ExplicitD remembers the sniping being more gory in MOH was because they were using a 50. cal in the first game.

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@ john Tarr if you dont like unlockable difficulties then you shouldn't try the new Devil May Cry coming out next year .. its has .. wait for it ... FOUR unlockable difficulties   

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