Premature Evaluations - Halo 4 Multiplayer

There is no ranked, competitive multiplayer in Halo 4. I have not read a single review yet that mentions this fact.

My Halo 2 service record

My Halo 3 service record

Real text conversation with Chad (from the podcast), an old friend of ours who has been playing Halo with Dan and I since Halo 1.

Dan: Don't buy Halo 4
Chad: That bad?
Dan: No ranked multiplayer
Chad: Yeah, never buying it. That's all I play

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@The Beer Baron1 - I'm going to lose 20 lbs and get a six pack in 2013. Doesn't change how I look right now.

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How much does a six pack cost? I've held off buying Halo 4 to see the reception and whether or not It has any of my favourite features (FIREFIGHT!). I'll probably get around to it after Christmas. I think that one of my friends even tried to return his copy when he realised the game was missing some features/ game modes.

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I haven't played any of the Halo 4 multiplayer, and probably never will. However, I've heard enough about it to assume that the core gameplay element of it is still perfectly intact. I understand that without the ranked matches the game becomes pointless to some people, but simply because the multiplayer lacks this one feature surely doesn't mean that it deserves to be completely disregarded with a thumbs down for this reason.

When you two did the Premature Evaluation for Assassin's Creed 3, Dan was disappointed with the fact that his favorite parts of the game were missing. Despite this, Dan gave the game a thumbs up, for the reason that, despite these shortcomings, it was still a good game

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So... I don't know if I understand this completely right, but my favourite rating website says in it's review:


Neben dem sichtbaren Spartan-Rang soll Anfang 2013 übrigens ein zweiter Rang nachgeliefert werden: Er soll nicht den Fortschritt der verdienten Punkte anzeigen, sondern das Können des Spielers in einzelnen Modi symbolisieren und auf dem in Halo 2 eingeführten Trueskill-System aufbauen. In Hintergrund der Spielersuche soll das System schon jetzt gleichstarke Gegner vermitteln.


which means:

Besides the visible spartan rank, there is supposed to be a second rank in the beginning of 2013. It won't show the progress of the earned points, but the skill of the player in the modi and is supposed to be based on the Halo 2 Trueskill system. In the background of matchmaking, the system is supposed to connect players of the same skill yet.


So it is there yet, but you just can't see it? Is that possible?

Well but overall you are right: you paid your 60 dollars now, so the game has to be rated on what it is like now. This site does not even download day one patches because of that.

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Not having a ranking system in multi player is like a sports league that does not keep track of wins and losses.  I don't play much multi player in any video game but I have played sports my whole life. Both are 'games' and both NEED to have some sort of ranking system at their core to reinforce competition, what should be the essence of playing with multiple people in the first place.

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My main problem with the multiplayer was the way that they Call of Duty-ed it.  Instead of having your set weapons and having to find them out in the field, the way Halo was meant to be played, we now can unlock our weapons.  And we get ordnance, another thing that I despise.  I just wish we could go back to Halo CE and play that.

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I'm sorry but the Trueskill system in Halo 2 and Halo 3 was terribly broken.  Especially during Halo 3, the ranks did not accurately match player skills.  Also, Reach did not have a ranked multiplayer.  The ranks were just an accumulation of credits.     

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I have to disagree with nearly every point made in the video. As the commenters on YouTube have already stated, 343 Industries will implement a ranked system later. But as I have said before, rank is completely useless. It's an arbitrary number that's a poor indicator of actual skill. I reached a rank in the lower 40s in Halo 4 because I was matched on a team of random players that happened to win. That doesn't speak to my actual skill or the prowess of my teammates.

The number of people that played Halo's ranked multiplayer is in the minority, though. I cannot say your opinion in the video is wrong, of course, yet it does not reflect the rest of community, nor the core of the game. Halo 4 is still Halo, and I think you guys are being too dismissive of the product due to a lack of one feature. (Again, I agree to disagree.)

Before you mention Black Ops 2's League Play system, however, let me state that no one is playing it. I've seen maybe a few thousand people on during peak hours out of the hundreds of thousands that are playing regular gametypes.  

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Unless I'm mistaken, Reach didn't have a true ranked system either, the ranks were purely cosmetic.  My point being, people didn't care that much then, and--from what I'm seeing-- people don't really care now.  Then again it's been several months since I played Reach, and I could be wrong.  Anyways Halo 4's multiplayer is great, and I'm not missing ranked at all.

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Who really cares about ranks? It's the same weapons, the same maps, the same perks, the same everything, just have some fun.

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From a commercial standpoint, I agree with John. The lack of a visible rank system since day 1 is surely going to weed out those who care for it. By the time 343 gets its shit together next year, not all of those people are going to come back and give Halo 4 another chance.

In terms of the experience, however, I agree with some of the former posters, rank can estrange the "fun" factor of multiplayer, especially if it's implemented incorrectly.

By the way, you should take a look at the ragefest over at the YT comments, it's quite amusing.

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Natural Selection 2 doesn't have ranks either, but it's still a great game.

That said, I haven't played the game. Nor will I probably.

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While I don't care about ranking systems on any level, I'm loving the crying going on the youtube page. I doubt that was your intention, but, damn, you really struck a nerve.

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Speaking of podcasts, when will yours be up, John?  Is it still uploading to iTunes, or have you run into other problems?

Also, this might sound silly, but I'm having trouble posting questions for the podcast.  I've been going about it for months now (I haven't been on the site for some time now), and I'm starting to give up.  Should I just send a PM your way?  It's nothing important; I just wanted to talk to you about Breaking Bad.

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@John Tarr    You're pretending you knew something that you didn't. People are angry because you gave a great game a bad review based on a single thing that isn't even are now trying to say that its still inexcusable for a game not to have that feature right out of the box, and perhaps your right. However, I can guarantee that if you did know what you did now, this game would be getting a thumbs up, do you agree?

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@Rxanadu PM or email wikigameguides at is fine

@Haters G0n Hate 

based on a single thing that isn't even true...

What did I say that wasn't true? There is no ranked matchmaking in Halo 4 TODAY, which was my favorite feature in every Halo game since Halo 2. And assuming 343i follows through with their promises, there won't be for 2 months.

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there wasn't a skill rank in reach either, it was only based on credits

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