Premature Evaluations - Far Cry 3

Far Cry 3 is a surprisingly diverse game that should be on everybody's must play list.

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Far Cry 1 & 2 both were really tough games so i'm glad this one is just as hard and not easy like so many other games now a days. But one thing I don't like is not being able to open the map in real time like in Far Cry 2. With no custom waypoints having the map open while driving made it really easy. Far Cry 2 is really cheap and well over 20 hours if you don't have the money for this one. I played the PC version. Picking up Far Cry 3 tomorrow after work and planing on spending the weekend on the island killing stuff. I also highly recommend the Far Cry series. They are all stand alone stories so you don't need to play 1 or 2 to play 3. These games are really good in having wtf moments. Like I still remember in Far Cry 2 when I shot a driver and his truck drifted into a barrel and exploded and cause a fire that spread and lit an ammo cache and the ammo shot out bullets and killed 2 guys. So many cool things in these games. Cant wait to dive into Far Cry 3!

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I remember putting about 90 hours into FC2 and I'm planning on putting more than that into this game. I agree that easy is hard so I probably won't even attempt a hard playthrough.

Are there any extra graphics effects on the PC? I remember hearing something about fire burning differently or something in FC2 on the PC.

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Between this and the review video, I've been sold on this game. It went from not being on my radar, to stop of my must buy list.

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The game is fun, but it runs so poorly on my xbox 360. Almost unplayable

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runs fine on ps3 with some small glitches so many things to do you also forgot the rakyat trials side quest the red stars on the map and my favorite way to hunt sharks is with a boat that has a 50 cal turret and just hose them with it 


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This game really is exceptional, one of my favourites. I never had the parachute issue, though, it always works fine for me.

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