Premature Evaluations - Dishonored

This stealth, sandbox assassination game with a huge amount of replayability is immediately a favorite for game of the year.

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Tyrael's picture

is it off synch only for me?

Joe Harris's picture

The microphone fuzz is really annoying :( On another note, this game looks incredible. Definitely going to get it!

Scumbagb3n's picture

BioShock Infinite came early?

It is a little bit out of sync, maybye only a second though.

John Tarr's picture

RE: Out of sync

Do you mean the game audio and game video? Or what Dan and I are saying relative to game video? I'm rewatching it and the unedited files and it seems ok...

Also, sorry about the mics, I'm still really struggling with the new setup.

Trident36's picture

should i get this game?

indi's picture

I am also not a fan of the artstyle. And that enemies have super limited vision and fail to spot you at moderate distances in broad daylight takes a big suspension of disbelief. Why they did not set the game during night is beyond me. Stealth gameplay is great though.

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