Premature Evaluations: Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2, the sequel to Borderlands 1, is one hell of a great RPG. Recorded from the PC.

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How can it be premature if you played already? Just sayin.

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The "premature" aspect of the review simply indicates that they are just giving their first impressions rather than a full review of a completely-played game.

And since the game is estimated to be 40 hours long, 17 hours in is actually less than half, and therefore still relatively early.


And Dan, at 32:44, it's "Salarian." 

"Valyrians" are a group of people from Game of Thrones.

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@ Lightning
That makes more sense, Thank you!

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The Iceman Cometh immediately made me think of BioShock.

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you missed a great easter egg right behind the rat maze john, if you keep going you get to fight in the rakk cave, which has rakk man. also that boss you got the pizza for was a snow white reference with all the little dwarves. and two great easter eggs are in caustic carven. if u go behing where blue is theres a reference you should love. and another one thats in that cave by some tracks

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Its funny how this one episode is longer than all the other episodes of the premature evaluations combined. Beast.

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giant bomb's borderlands 2 quick look is also 49 minutes. weird.

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Just a suggestion, but I have had immense trouble with killing the gluttonous thresher in the game. I looked on google, and it seems there are many other people having the same amount of trouble. I think it would be beneficial for the site (and I would also enjoy it very much) if you made a video of strategies/hints of how to kill it. Once again just a suggestion.

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