Premature Evaluations: Assassin's Creed 3 Single Player

Assassin's Creed 3 is an excellent game, but left out some of my favorite elements from AC2 and Brotherhood that made me love the series originally.

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I'm very happy they took out jumping off of buildings and dying while free-running. That fucking drove me INSANE in the other games.

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So I haven't beaten it yet, but the way Desmond and the others are talking about it in the cutscenes make it sound like I'm near the end.

The only thing is, there's only been like three or four assassinations in the game so far.  And it really encourages you to just bum rush all of them anyways.  I'm kinda worried that Assassin's creed lost sight of the whole "assassination" thing.

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I miss the puzzles somewhat, but I couldn't figure out all of them- thats where your guides were good.

That was before I just searched the clips on YouTube.

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So Dan thinks ACB is the best one? Well guess I'm gonna give it another chance.

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brotherhood was the best one in my opinion at the time because revelations had no new element to the game ... yea they had bombs and that hook blade but that cant change game play .. .. Brotherhood free running was awesome , the new combat system was awesome , when running on the building it seemed the game play was more smooth in the free running , and of course the shop buying / land owning system was the shit .. But assassins creed three is mind blowing adding all those elements from brotherhood and some tweaks , i like the idea of the frontier plains where your just running around finding stuff like a real american explorer , they made it harder to run away from the redcoats which is also pretty cool (GTA could learn a thing or two from that ) and the hunting system keeps me entertained when im running check point to check point .. however i did not like how long it took to get to the real story and the game is pretty short compared to AC2 if your not doing any side quest , and i thought the game would have been better with all the propaganda , and rating it received early on , sad to say it was a let down ... but still awesome ... long live assassins creed 

RATING : 8/10

IS IT WORTH 60 DOLLARS : would wait till its drops 

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The difficulty that made it so you actually had to have skill? Yeah! That was terrible to take out!

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@sargeant smiles

You call shitty controls and camera "the difficulty that made it so you actually had to have skill" ? 

If we were talking about combat difficulty I would agree, but considering that I still get angry at AC when Ezio decides that jumping on the thing I aim at would just be silly and instead decides to jump to his death I wouldn't call that a feature that will be missed.

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A couple of things Dan missed the ball completely. First Dan mentioned that he wanted underground areas to explore because they didn't have big buildings, and apparently he forgot that in BOTH Boston and New York there ARE underground areas that you even have to visit in the story, so I don't know how he forgot that. Second, I get why he wants to keep the Subject 16 puzzles, but the reason why they probably didn't is because every time they make a reference to another conspiracy theory from another time period they restrain themselves because if they want to make another game that is in that period, they have to make sure it coincides with the conspiracy thy showed you in the puzzle and it just becomes harder. It almost screwed them over with the George Washington reference in AC2. But something else more important, they DID add puzzles. In the epilogue of the game *SPOILERS* the Animus is hacked and a huge puzzle is presented (albeit not the same kind of puzzles from before). Finally, while the conspiracy theory stuff was fun, I think even the best of us were getting tired of how over-the-top complex they were. Not that we don't like a challenge, but I don't think it's a good puzzle if the only way you can get it is if you HAVE to go to YouTube, so I'm glad they did this new puzzle differently. Finally I think the combat is easier and harder in a good way, the economy system was much more diversified and useful, the hunting is a pleasant distraction, and after you finish the story, you have AMPLE amount of memories to do, so you certainly get your money's worth (especially PS3 players right now). Going into the frontier always reminds me of being overwhelmed like in Skyrim, and for that I firmly believe this beats Brotherhood and takes the title of best Assassin's Creed to date. 

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To me, this game is laggy, full of glitches and most of the missions are not fun.

I have the PS3 version (just for the fact that it came with 4 extra missions) but I'm wondering if the 360 version is either laggy and/or glitchy as well. 

Pretty disappointed overall.

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Has the ability to catch yourself while falling been taken out?

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