Premature Evaluations - 007 Legends

Goldfinger, On Her Majesty's Secret Service, Licence to Kill, Die Another Day and Moonraker. No Goldeneye anywhere. And Skyfall will be free DLC. I think I'd rather play a game with Hank Scorpio as the main villain.

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 A game with Hank Scorpio as the villain actually sounds good.

It looks very much like COD4, so maybye they did use the same engine?

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James Bond has a tie in to Sony.

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so it's basicly Call of Duty with the bond ''Universe'' slapped onto it.

Also after hearing about Q being young. . . .why don't they just give him a beer instead of a martini while their at it!?

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I haven't watched the complete walkthrough yet, but I'm curious to see how many instances of glitches John experienced. I've witnessed bad guys run into walls, frames repeatedly drop, buggy menu screens, etc.

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I read somewhere that Daniel Craig made it so that any future depictions of James Bond has to be in his likeness (or he'd sue I guess).

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Daniel Craig is not the voice.  He did voice the other Bond games with his likeness however (Quantom of Solace, Blood Stone, Goldeneye). 

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The engine was used for 08's Quantum of Solace but I don't think it was here. The guns, animations and textures seem to be straight out of last year's Goldeneye Reloaded, so I'm guessing that it's running on the Dead Space Extraction engine they modified for that port and used for the 2010 Wii release.

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Why do you call Goldfinger dutch? I always thought he was german because the actor is a german and justed checked it: he is actually latvian Oo


Edit: Ah ok I just continued, because of Austin Powers :P

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