Douchebag or Businessman? look, GameStop is being a douchebag again. I think we all can agree that selling a game new after ripping through the packaging is a little…well… stupid. But things like this remind me that video games is a business and as a business, they have the ability to do shady things. But as gaming continues to grow, is it an industry of douchebags or an industry of businessmen?

The GameStop scandal had a reason. They wanted to remove OnLive’s promotion cards from their stores because GameStop has their own (probably crappy) service they want to promote. However shady the methods, this is not the act of a douchebag but that of a money-hungry businessmen. You see cases of this all throughout the gaming industry, in terms of publishers and console manufactures. The whole issue about Bobby Kotick (when is there not an issue) proves that there are questionable dealings in the industry. But I don’t think he’s evil, he’s just a businessman.

Gaming is a unique industry in that it promotes rampant fanboyism. In other media industries like TV, movies, and music, most disputes are handled by legal means. Yes, when movies get large enough, like Star Wars, they develop a crazy fanbase but those are far and few between. However, in the gaming industry, because of a closer relationship with consumers, disputes become a battle of angry words only to aggravate the fans. In a way, they use people like you to fight their battles for them. And even if the fans are unified against someone, such as Bobby Kotick, you’re only giving Activision more press. Again, this is not the move of a douchebag but of a calculated businessman.

Gaming is an industry. That is to say, games equal money. Creative designers and directors have visions and goals, but it’s the publishers and PR companies who are ultimately responsible in generating press and income. So next time you get upset about Bobby Kotick or GameStop, just realize something…they’re just doing their jobs.