Brief Review: Resistance 3

Verdict: Buy

Single-Player- Deviating from the story of Nathan Hale, Resistance 3 follows Joe Capelli on his quest to stop The Chimera… kind of. The atmosphere is spot on but the story leaves much to be desired. It’s reasonably long, clocking in about 7 hours but the ending is so infuriating because it never addresses any loose ends. The ride is fun but the conclusion is disappointing. In terms of gameplay, it’s another shooter with Resistance trappings, having unique weapons with pretty interesting but familiar alt-fires. By reintroducing health packs, Resistance 3 adds another layer to the desperate atmosphere of the story. I never found it meddlesome. Leveling up guns and having the capacity to hold all of them bring it back to its Resistance 1 roots. I found this reinvigorating compared to the average, run-of-the-mill shooters. But in terms of gameplay, it still feels like an average, run-of-the-mill shooter. Resistance 3 does the “throw everything and the kitchen sink” method of multiplayer. You have almost every single quality taken from Call of Duty. They give you perks, unlockable weapons, and killstreaks but it also borrows from Halo with customizable abilities like a bubble shield and a decoy. The matchmaking is standard Call of Duty matchmaking, NEVER making a balance game. Even so, with several diverse maps and interesting weaponry, I found the multiplayer somewhat compelling.

Conclusion- Like I would recommend for all shooters, rent if you like the single-player but buy if you like the multiplayer. The single-player is a fun ride and multiplayer is competent enough. I personally think, because of my enjoyment with the multiplayer, it’s worth buying. But be aware, if you’re renting, you will have to pay another ten dollars for an online pass. Again, another example of the game industry bending you over.


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