Bioshock vs Bioshock Infinite

Now that the E3 footage of Bioshock: Infinite has been unleashed on the public, we can finally see the masterpiece every critic has been gushing about. One word can explain it. Breathtaking. Another word can explain it. Erection-inducing (Although that’s a personal problem). From the expansive vistas to the insanely fast gameplay, Bioshock: Infinite is shaping to be quite the experience. But what makes this any different from the original Bioshock?

Before anything else is said, this is a first-person shooter. You have a gun, you aim down the sights and you press the kill button (right-trigger) until everything’s dead. In the beginning of the demo, Booker Dewitt (The Protagonist) is strolling through a shop with Elizabeth (The other Protagonist). And here, one of the many differences is shown. Much attention has been placed on characters. Where you play a mute robot in the original, you see tons of interactions between your character and the world in Infinite. Booker mumbles about EVERYTHING he sees and occasionally makes Lincoln jokes with Elizabeth. That’s right, Lincoln jokes. No Buttlestorm dick-humor here. And even outside of them, once they leave the shop, they walk down a crowded city street, commenting on civilians being brutalized by a gang.

Speaking of gangs, moral choice has gone through an overhaul in Infinite. In the original Bioshock, you always had two choices with The Little Sisters. Using your healing hands to make them annoying little girls or turn them into slugs (Guess which one I always did). But in Infinite, the player makes more conceptual moral choices. For example, in the demo, you have the choice to stop an execution or walk away and go about your merry business. But in the footage, the player decided to take the high road by stopping the execution, where he was promptly bum-rushed by everyone. And I mean EVERYONE.

Which bring me to the gameplay. The original Bioshock was known for being a much slower game where you carefully pick weapons, ammunition, and plasmids depending on the situation. Many reviewers dubbed it the “Thinking Man’s Shooter.” On the other hand, Infinite is more of an “Oh shit, they’re all around me, let me summon these crows and run” kind of game. It was insane the amount of action shown in that trailer. Guys grinding on skylines, riding dirigibles and shooting from all directions.

So in conclusion, this is not the same game by any stretch of the imagination. But if you don’t believe me or you haven’t seen the latest trailer, judge it for yourself.


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The 15 minute demo literally blew my mind. Bioshock was a great game and no doubt surpassed Bioshock 2, but Bioshock infinite does things with gaming that are just crazy to me. I'm going to say Bioshock Infinite. Crazy cinematic presence, epic graphics, along with innovative gameplay and an intriguing story makes this game seem like a showstopper.

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I completely agree. I've heard people complaining about it just being another shooter, but I don't know if they've seen these trailers because if they did, they would shut up.

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As cool as this was, it seems they are sacrificing a  shit load of gameplay for immersion. (which looks really good) Not sure if that is worth sixty bucks though. One week of Bioshock Infinite, or six weeks of online with any of the other multiplayer shooters. Still very nice, much better then i thought it would turn out.

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Honestly I think it's well worth the sixty bucks haha. Just because the game doesn't have multiplayer doesn't mean it's not going to be able to hold up against the other multiplayer shooters. This game includes gameplay and flow that's pretty much new to the gaming franchise as far as a shooter goes. I'd happily pay sixty dollars for a brand new fun experience, ultimately leading to replayability, over another Modern Warfare installment that has the same features as before. Not taking anything from the MW series, I just was amazed at what Bioshock Infinite did with gameplay, acting, cinematics, and flow

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