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For a long time Playstation Plus has been nothing to shout about, trust me. The odd discount here, a free avatar there, oh and for good measure here's a free theme that you couldn't care less about. For some reason £11.99 didn't seem to justify that. However, I believe a new age is upon us, a time when free themes and a 50 pence discount on 'Fat Princess' is firmly in the past.

How does highly acclaimed 'Dead Space 2' for free sound to you? Yeh, it sounds pretty god damn good to me aswell. Well that is what PSN Plus is offering at the moment. In fact with the 'Your Instant Gaming Collection' screen, there are several free games being offered to members. 'Little Big Planet 2', 'InFamous 2', and 'Darksiders' are just a few that are currently accommodate a price tag of nothing. Also boasting a plethora of one hour free trials, early demos, and 45 free games a year, PSN Plus has become something of a must have for gamers like me. Cheap Skates. Here was me getting slightly giddy when I found Rage for £8.00 in my local gaming shop. Bigger fool me. Another quirky addition is the inclusion of online storage. With this you can save your game online, then seamlessly continue your adventure on any other Ps3 system. Not much use for a simpleton like me, however for the more adventurous folk out there, this may be a fantastic addition.  

Playstation Plus then has become something a little more tasty than a cake indulging Fat Princess avatar that's free. It may sound like I have a Sony banner proudly spanning the width of my home right now. That's why I'll present you with some draw-backs. Be very well prepared to delete a fair amount of previous installed game data. Over 15 GB's of data had to be cast aside from my system just to allow one measly download to claw its way onto my system. I say 'claw' because my first estimated download time was 1812 minutes, not long then.

In all fairness, these gripes are more to do with my incompetent hard-drive and my tragic internet speed, however they are complaints non the less.

This was not a long post by any stretch of the imagination, but I'm hoping it will be a very enlightening one. Maybe it's time you should consider investing in Playstation Plus. I'm off to play 'Darksiders', did i mention it was free?  

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PS Plus is moving closer to Steam. If they created amazing holiday sales I would probably purchase it. I hate buying digital, so it needs to be very cheap to make me buy it.

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I also share your hate for buying digital, but when PS Plus is offering that many free games it was extremely hard to resist. 

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I bought a 3 month membership for PlayStation Plus some time ago. This membership has already expired. While it was active, I got the classic PSOne Resident Evil titles for free. Will I be able to re-download them now without having to purchase a new PSPlus membership?

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Yes, but you won't be able to play them, a message will pop up stating you must re-new your psn plus

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