Playstation 4 Announcement Event Trailer Roundup

All the game trailers from the PS4 event today. Which games are you looking forward to the most?


  1. The Witness
  2. Watch_Dongs
  3. inFAMOUS: Second Son
  4. Drive Club
  5. Knack
  6. Deep Down
  7. The Last Guardian
  8. System Updates
  9. The Share button on the DualShock 4
  10. LEDs on my controller
  11. Free to Play Games
  12. Second Screen/PS Vita streaming
  13. Having my PSN Account Info Stolen and having to change my passwords on 20+ accounts
  14. Killzone: Shadow Fall


Killzone: Shadow Fall




inFAMOUS: Second Sun


Drive Club




Deep Down


The Witness

MarioDragon's picture

Is Killzone really that bad? I never tried the second after watching your walkthrough, and couldn't even be bothered with the first.

Aaron Tomo's picture

I can't wait for Infamous or Watchdogs. I've been hoping that another Infamous game was in the works. It's a shame there was no Uncharted game shown, but there is always E3 for that.

Whiplash's picture

Why Watch_Dongs?

Solifluktion's picture


I only played KZ1 and it sucked. The setting might be interesting but the game is almost impossible to control.

Jevrio's picture

Watch_Dogs looks awesome. A bit like Sleeping Dogs, except you're actually a somewhat criminal it seems. I hope it ends up being as good as it looks.

LenZeppel1n's picture

Watch dogs looks awesome, I will probably be into infamous, I just want to see some gameplay for it.  And maybe Deep Down... sure the dragon looked pretty stupid, but the rest seemed pretty cool.

Covalant101's picture

Looking forward to InFamous the most. Also never played Killzone, I've always preferred Resistance.

SuperRedRonin's picture

@Aaron Tomo I'm glad there was no Uncharted shown. Naughty Dog needs to focus on The Last of Us right now.

@John Why did you have to change the passwords on 20+ accounts? Do you use the same password for everything?

MarioDragon's picture

@Solifluktion That was another complaint I heard, but the game was always praised by Sony fans so I never could decide if it was good or bad.

Scumbagb3n's picture

See if they had a Japanese guy like this:

...maybye I would be impressed.

SargentTruffles's picture

Watch Dogs (Mainly because it's based in Chicago and it's cool to see where I live in a game)

Grand Theft Auto V? (They would be nuts NOT to make that a next-gen game as well)


InFAMOUS: Second Sun

Deep Down

michaelkirschner's picture

I hear that Deep Down is a code name for Dragon's Dogma

BR4D_F3163's picture

Watch Dog by far and to @SargentTruffles point, I can't wait to see how good they make my sweet home Chicago look.  So far it looks pretty damn amazing!

And definitely GTA V and InFamous: Second Son as well.  But I will also be keeping my eye on Deep Down and Killzone: Shadow Fall (and only if it has customizable controls).

explicit_baron's picture

I am looking forward to Watch Dogs not Dongs and Infamous is looking good too.

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