Why the Wii U is Needed, but Will Eventually Kill Itself

Sometimes you get in a situation where the only choice is a win-lose; Nintendo is in that situation. The Wii has been out for almost 5 years and it has just started to die.  It is not dying because people hate it, its dying because everyone already owns one. This is why Nintendo needs to release its new console soon.  Nintendo could lose even the people who only buy the new Mario game or the new Wii Insert Noun Here game (aka the non-gamers whose first console they really played was the Wii) if they tried to hold out for the rumored 2014 release for the new Xbox and PlayStation. If they don't get something new for all the moms to buy tier kids, Nintendo might find themselves in third place since developers are just starting to unlock the full potential of the 360 and PS3. On the other hand, the thing that will kill the the Wii U is that it is not next-gen. The reason the 360 could come out a year before Sony's and Nintendo's new consoles was because it ushered in a new era of tech; the Wii U is not doing so. They say it is as powerful as a PS3, key words: AS POWERFUL. What happens if a new Xbox and PlayStation does come out two years later in 2014 with more power and already established motion control gimmicks? Most likely, developers will stop using last gen tech after about a year and move on to the new thing, just like this generation (remember Marvel Ultimate Alliance on Xbox 1?). Sure it will have its dance games and mini game collections, but if Kinect or Move pick up steam even those game might jump ship. 

These are just my thoughts on the Wii U situation. It seems to me that this is just a stop-gap system that won't hold the moms and kids attention as long as the Wii did. I predict, if indeed a new console generation starts in 2014, that will have a new console in 2016 WITHOUT the Wii branding. 


Also, I don't mean to diss the Wii or Wii U by saying it won't hold the moms and kids attention as long, or any similar things, I am just saying that is what Nintendo seems to be aiming for with the Wii brand. For gods sake, they called it Wii because they they wanted people to play together and to get everyone involved. 

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It's a rather rash assumption to predict the Wii U's downfall when we know almost nothing about it's software library, bar a few games that will likely be ports. As John said in 2 Chimps this week, Nintendo have the best 1st party titles in the business and that is what keeps them going, not brand recognition as you assume, although it does help.

Kinect and Move aren't really going anywhere fast and I don't see software for them flying off the shelves like Mario Kart and Zelda did for the Wii and DS. Move has the potential to work well with titles that are not specifically designed around it, but Kinect is starting to drag the 360 brand through the mud with hardcore audiences and effectively becoming a Wii with far shittier control methods.

I also doubt that it will only be a year before developers jump ship to new platforms, since next gen tech is looking to be even more expensive than current gen tech, meaning higher game prices and slower growth in install bases han previously. They aren't dumb enough to move away from what sells until they see evidence that they will be able to make profit on the games they create.

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I think the WII U won't ever reach the success of the Wii. I think it will be moderately successful but, won't be able to compete with the PS3 or Xbox. I only see true competition between the big three in the next console generation.

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If Nintendo remakes Mario or Zelda 500 more times, or if they don't make a new console that isn't as powerful as the others, even if it isn't "as next-gen gun-ho" as the others, I will still buy their crud until the day I die.

People have been saying things like this about Nintendo ever since the Xbox/Playstation 2 came out, especially with their handhelds when the PSP came out, but people STILL buy all their stuff. Look at the 3DS, 3.6 million sold (or shipped, or something) by the end of March 2011, making it the best selling launch device for Nintendo ever, and people ALL THE TIME say it's doing horribly which is why they're "porting the best Nintendo game ever to it" (Ocarina of Time is what I'm talking about).

It would be nice if other developers would make games more suited to the Wii audience, since SO MANY developers don't touch the Wii because they can't make a game where heads blow up in a bloody gory amazing graphics mess or there's some game that lasts 600 hours because of the realistic hair-in-the-wind cutscenes (besides Square Enix, I guess). Not just Wii, I should say anything Nintendo. Just bothers me people seem to bash Nintendo products for lack of third-party titles when it isn't even Nintendo's fault.

Also, turns out it's a tad more powerful than 360 or PS3. Now the only reason people can complain is because of the "gimmicky controllers."

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