Top 5 LEGO Licenses That Should be Games

Through extensive research I have devised a list of the top 5 LEGO licenses that NEED to be made into games, as well as my stupid American mind's reasoning. I have been a fan of LEGO and most of these properties all my life so shut up internet I am qualified.

**Did you guys see that? LICENSES. That means I'm only including properties that are currently licensed by LEGO, or at one point were. So you you won't see fanboy dreams like Halo(I'll Leave that for Mega Blocks).**

5. Avatar the Last Airbender

It's a perfect fit for the LEGO formula. It has three books which are the hubs, plenty of episodes to be levels with those hubs, and a plethora of meaningless side characters you could play as (who can forget cabbage guy, am i right?). The just the nature of the show (flying, world at war, bending etc.) would fit perfectly. Can no one else picture a silent cut scene of Aang airbending off a roof and falling on his head? The only reason this is last on the list is Avatar isn't exactly the hottest IP right now. BUT LOOK AT ALL THOSE CHARACTERS YOU COULD PLAY AS!

4. Mickey Mouse

No exaggeration, I have never met a person who does not like Mickey Mouse. Show me someone who hates Mickey Mouse and I will show you the devil. Did I mention back in the day he actually had some good NES and SNES games, so he's no pushover when in comes to platformers. I', sure you're all sitting at your computer saying "This guy sucks, he never gave a valid point for making that dumb mouse game" You want a reason, I'll give you a reason: Mickey Mouse is awesome, that's the only reason you need.

3. Spiderman

Take LEGO Batman, replace grappling hooks with webs, The Joker with Green Goblin, and The Batcave with NYC. Boom, I give you LEGO Spiderman. Just make it like Batman, several enemies each with their own story. It would be awesome because Spidey has such a great list of enemies. To be fair, he doesn't exactly have the most popular allies though. But hey, you could always play as black suit Spidey, or a cop, or black suit Spidey. Yea, I've kind of run out of allies, but it's still an awesome concept.

2. Toy Story

Holy shit! A game about toys, where you play as toys? How awesome would that be? Besides blowing children minds across the globe, Toy Story is on this list because it deserves a good game and Travelers Tales tends to make good games. I could go through the list, but it would be pointless: they all suck with the exception of Toy Story 3 which was OK, but not good. I'm honestly surprised they haven't made a game yet. Toy Story and LEGO are both such huge children's properties, I'm not sure how it wouldn't make money.

1. Spongebob

I'm going to just say it now, I am an avid Spongebob fan (I even have the first three seasons on DVD) so this is more of a personal vendetta than anything else. Admit it you love Spongebob, especially the prison rape jokes. With about 200 episodes, Spongebob has experienced quite a bit of hijinks in his time and I'm sure Travelers Tales could make 5 game out of them. I'm only asking for one. It would be so easy because  in a world where fire burns underwater, anything is possible. Rescue Squidward from jellyfish, battle awry robots in Sandy's tree dome, escape the Chum Bucket, retake the Mermilair, escape the Dutchman's evil clutches. I'm literally giving you ideas now Travelers Tales, do it, for me.

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I could see there being a Marvel Lego Game in the future

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Turns out brickset sucks at the images got removed so i replaced them with generic images from each property.

@Covalent that's why I put spiderman on the list. However it turns out LEGO is doing avengers sets and since there is no avengers game slated for release, maybe we will see a lego one. 

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Spongebob would be a perfect fit for a LEGO game adaptation. The overall silliness, hidden adult humor and huge cast of characters would be amazing.

Unfortunately, it seems as if the LEGO games are getting progressively worse with every new release with tons of glitches and poor puzzle design.

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