The Modern Warfare Effect

NOTE: I have not played MW3. This is not a rant on MW3 nor does it have anything to do with anything in the game itself. 


It has been two days, just two days since Modern Warfare 3 released. But in those two days I have heard more hate for any game that is not Call of Duty in my life. More people praising MW3 as the best game of all time than shitty Kevin James movies. Frankly, it is amazing what Activision has been able to do. 

 Some background information.  I currently attend high school where 95% of my classmates won't play a game unless it can be abbreviated as COD or GTA. I personally am a Halo guy, although I do enjoy the occasional game of Call of Duty. However since COD 4, Call of Duty, especially the Infinity Ward games, has had  my peers brainwashed. Literally every game that has been slightly praised in my school has been followed by, "but i bet its not as good as MW3". I'm not saying it's a bad game, but it blows my mind how ignorant it makes people.

 People who have never even played Battlefield 3 rip on it's gameplay, story,  sound, and even the graphics. VERY few people I know have even thought about playing Arkham City because "Call of Duty is obviously the best."  Great games like Portal are shit upon. This is what saddens me the most. They are missing out on some of the greatest games of all time because of their precious Call of Duty. I know this is not exclusive to my area, many people can only buy a few games a year and COD is almost always one of those games. A whole generation of gamers will only know Call of Duty. I have to give Infinity Ward props for making a game so compelling to the masses but it still depresses me that  people are missing out on some of the greatest games of all time.

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What did you expect, CoD is made to appeal to the casual audience. People who don't want to worry about strategy or team work, people who ju