SSX Demo First Impressions

You know Shaun White, right? Don't you wish you could be him? Get crazy air, perform gravity defying tricks and jumps? Well boy-o the SSX is your kind of game. Even if you aren't particularly fond of the Flying Tomato, the demo is still fun as hell. Before I start, I feel the need to mention that I never that I never played Tricky, my SSX love stems from SSX 3. Be that as it may EA's newest offering feels like the arcade snowboarding game you've been wanting for years.

After the initial credits role, the game starts out on a bad foot with an unskippable intro video. It's an about 1 minute long clip that shows off the various features in the game. Honestly, it feels like something that would usually play at the end of a demo to try and get you to buy the game, you know what I'm talking about. It's really not that bad until you see it multiple times. Then starts the again unskippable tutorial, which also only gets annoying after multiple playthroughs. Before you start you have the choice between right stick trick controls or face button trick controls. I played through both ways, but prefer using the right stick. EA takes an interesting approach to the first part of the tutorial; free-falling from a helicopter to teach in-air tricks. During the 22 step first section you will learn the basic flips, spins, grabs, signature tricks ect.. Then you learn more advanced system; Tricky Meter and the new wing suit. You can achieve the Tricky Meter by doing tricks and earning points. While in Tricky mode the player has unlimited boost and tricks become "Uber" allowing you to do crazy things like "no-feet on the board" tricks. You can also get Super Tricky Meter which earns more points on tricks. The wing suit, SSX's newest addition, doesn't have much use in the demo as far a I can tell but it seems you can open it to glide around. After the conclusion of the tutorial's first half you finally get to touch ground. 

After a loading screen the player drops out of a helicopter to start, however this time the chopper is only about 10 ft off the ground. From what I can tell, all races start in a chopper. As you race more helpful tips will pop up on the screen telling you features about the game. I immediately went back to my old SSX ways of holding down the A button as to always be prepared to jump. I used to keep it held if I went over small hills I didn't want to jump, which due to the new button trick controls doesn't work in the new game. Well it works, if you like face planting. As minor of a gripe this is, it's my largest gameplay wise, which is a testament to the game. Besides that the first race is pretty fun and does a great job of seamlessly teaching systems like grinding and rewind without stopping play. If you manage to complete the tutorial, you get sent to the demo's shell of a menu where the only real options are Explore and Refer a Friend. When you select Explore where it takes you to the globe with all the ranges the game has, however in the demo you can only choose the Rockies and the only mountain is Whitehorn Mountain. Once you choose Whitehorn it shows the various runs you can take all labeled either Trick It or Race It. The only one you can choose is a Race It, but I assume in Trick It the winner is determined by highest points. Once you select your event you choose the racer. In the demo you can only choose Zoe UNLESS you refer a friend, then you unlock Mac. I think it's a pretty clever way to spread hype for the game. It is evident there will be customization for the characters but none is in the demo. So you choose your racer and start the event, which in the demo is a simple four person race trying to get the best time to earn the gold medal. The race is similar to the tutorial but still really fun, even with my annoying old habit of holding A. During the race I also noticed the AMAZING soundtrack.

As a fan of the series, I was looking to buy this anyway. After playing the demo it might be a day one purchase. If you like SSX you already know what you're getting into. If you're on the fence, at least try the demo or rent the game when it comes out.


I'd appreciate some feed back as this is my first first impression. If you like it or hate it, criticism is always helpful.

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Just a tip, you can set horizontal space on pics to make the text that's next to the picture more readable. Also, I'm glad to hear good things about the game because I plan on renting this so I can do a review.

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@brodyitis thanks man but I felt I kind of rambled a bit and went into to much detail but thanks anyway. I considered trying my hand at a review but since ive never really written all that much i decided to just do the demo. 

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It's really not that bad until you see it multiple times.

Any demo you're playing through multiple times is pretty damn good. I like the writeup, short and sweet for a small product. I featured it on the homepage BTW

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