My E3 Hopes and Dreams

NBA 2k12- With the success of Micheal Jordan being on the cover of 2k11 (its still on the NPD charts), there is no way that 2k does not try to get MJ back. With only having 10 moments of Jordans career, there is plenty more to do. If they could'nt get Micheal back, plenty of other NBA greats would probably jump at the chance to grace the cover and rake in the cash "Like Mike". I put in over 100 hours into 2k11 and can't wait for 12.

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier beta dated- Originally dated for the 09-10 year, the game has been pushed back to Q1 2012. The beta came with Slinter Cell Conviction and I've been waiting for it ever since.

Halo 1 Remake revealed- It's been rumored for awhile, and I can't wait. I remember playing Halo single player 4 or 5 times with my friends and having a blast on Blood Gulch. I'm hoping  it will the ODST treatment, aka having the Halo: Reach disc maps,DLC and a new batch of maps.

SSX: Deadly Descents- I was a huge fan of the orignal few and their havent been many, let alone good, snowboarding games for a long time. I would love to see some gameplay, although I'm kinda scared because it looks less arcady then the ones I love.

Codename Kingdoms- With only a teaser at last years press confrence, I'm excited to see what Crytek has to offer. With the only really big 360 exclusive we know about for this year being Gears 3, it would be nice to see some more activity in the exclusive department for Microsoft.

Uncharted 3- We all know its going to be great, there is no debating that. I just want to see even the slitest bit of gameplay and check out how it looks so far.

New Consoles- Nintendo has confirmed it, rumors say Microsoft will have one, and with the recent PS3 fiasco, Sony need some good buzz. The Wii was a huge disapointment to me because I hate how the graphics suck, every game has waggle, and next to none have other control options. The rumors excite me, I just hope they don't let me down again.

As for Microsoft, nothing could make me happier because the 360 is my primary console. With DVD becoming obsolete, and the graphics capability maxing out, now is the perfect time, especially because the Wii 2 is said to be on par with the 360 graphically, the 720 could blow it out of the water.

I have said everything I need to for Sony. I have a PS3 and never thought it was on par with the 360, and with PSN being hacked and rumors of new consoles for Microsoft and Nintendo, I can't see how they can't announce a new console.

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Wii 2 is the only thing that really interests me this E3, and probably the only "next gen" console I'll buy until I get extra money for Microshaft's new console, if it exists.

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I hope to see some news about the NGP and more announcements on games that will be remastered and brought to the PS3 with their new PSP remaster series.

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Hopefully we will get some info about a new Halo game, instead of a Halo CE remake.

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