Marvel Infinite- First Impressions

I'll be honest, I've never been a comic reader until recently. However the comic podcast Cape Crisis has got me to commit to comics and Avengers vs X-Men is my first really big venture into the world of superheros. Since it is only the first edition I don't feel comfortable doing a review so I will do a first impressions of the series.

Infinite #1 tells the story of Nova a snicker eating, dubstep loving, space police man who must get to earth to warn the Avengers of the incoming Phoenix force that could devastate the planet. Being the first in a story arc, not much really happens. Most of it is just Nova explaining his predicament not only with saving earth, but also the fact his mind is split between him and his helmet. As I'm not a long time comic reader I found this rather odd, but I also don't know Nova's story at all. At the end, he crashes into earth and the Avengers find him. This part ties directly into Avengers vs X-Men #1 because the scene is in both, however the Infinite version is kind of extended version.

The story itself is good but nothing that couldn't be told in a print book, however Marvel has two or three small extra elements thrown in that can only be achieved by a digital platform. These features mostly deal with how you read text in a panel. For example, the very first frame is just a still image of space, but as you swipe through, words appear and change over the same still image. A simple but nice touch. This feature also comes into play when artwork is meant to be showcased. The art will come in free of text, but as you "flip" through text boxes will start to fill up space on the screen. What if a part of the book is told through three panels, but is meant to be experienced as seen on one page? In a situation such as that, Infinite will have the first panel take up about a third of the screen, and the others will pop up next to it as you swipe through the comic. Another nice, but trivial enhancement. The third element only happens once, but is my favorite part of the comic. An banner image of Nova flying takes up the top fourth of the screen while the bottom three fourths is split into three sections. As you swipe and reveal those sections, Nova gets closer to the screen. It's not a video, but more like individual pages from a flip-book each time.

Overall it was good, but the digital enhancements aren't enough to really differentiate it at all from a traditional comic. Also, it's really short. It takes 65 "swipes" to complete which does not translate to 65 screens; the pages with three separate parts count as three swipes and parts where the background stays the same but the words change are multiple swipes as well. However it is also one fourth the price of a normal comic. Did I like it? Yes. Is it the future of comics as it claims to be? Not yet, but it's not over so I'll refrain judgement until it is.

Avengers vs X-Men #1: Infinite is available for $.99 on the Comixology and Marvel apps.

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