Halo 4 Showcase - What We Learned

343 ViDoc

OXM Frank O'Connor Interview

Graphical Overhaul- We all expected a upgrade Halo 4 graphics, but since it's still built on the Reach engine, I didn't expect this. The lighting is the thing stuck out the most to me, and damn does it look good. They also did new models for all returning assets.

Sound Overhaul- 343 threw out all the old sounds and are starting from scratch. In his Frank O'Connor interview, Ryan McCaffrey described them as more punchy then ever, which is extremely evident in the gameplay footage they show. And for game music nerd like me, 343 has hired a new composer to take the soundtrack in a new direction

Unexpected  New And Returning Mechanics- I, along with many others, did not enjoy sprint in Reach. However 343 felt it needed to return to the series, which is especially perplexing since 343 took sprint out of the Halo reach MLG playlist because of the outcry against. Something else shown in the the ViDoc is an actor doing a hurdle over a rail. Since this is an early look we don't know for sure, as of now it appears they will be adding cover hurdling ala Battlefield 3.

Sandbox Story-  A word that comes up allot in both videos is "sandbox". I don't work for 343 so I can confirm, but I do not think Halo 4 will be a sandbox on the level of Grand Theft Auto. The first thing I think of is the originals second level simply called "Halo". Way less linear then any other FPS, but still controlled in a level, instead of roaming a whole world.

Better Story- Until now, 343 and it's employees has been mostly involved in creating Halo stories outside of the games, and they want to bring their storytelling prowess to Halo 4. Josh Holmes, creative director of Halo 4, said, "threat that is unlike anything Master Chief has faced before". Combine that with their focus on a more cinematic game and Halo 4 is set to have the most compelling Halo story to date.


The BR is Back!- I really don't need to say much more. Most peoples favorite weapon is returning after a two game absence. However O'Connor has said one-shot weapons similar to the DMR will still be in the game.

No Bloom- The biggest point of contention in Reach multiplayer  was bloom. Players didn't exactly hate the concept, but the fact it wasn't done well. It made the game feel to random and was removed from certain playlists along with sprint.

Maps from Scratch- Reach was the first Halo to have multiplayer maps taken from its campaign, and it didn't work out. Reach had pretty bad maps. So 343 is making maps from scratch, although some will be set in the same as certain campaign missions. 

Multiplayer Story- Who needs it? No one. But 343 added it. "We have a fairly compelling and fairly convincing reason why red spartans can fight blue spartans"- Frank O'Connor.

Customizable Spartan IV's- For those who don't know: Master Cheif is a spartan II, the ones in Reach (minus Jorge) are spartan III's, the spartans in Halo 4 multiplayer are spartan IV's the newest breed.  343 has said you will be able to customize the spartans past just armor like in 3 and Reach.  They haven't said what, but they said it isn't just going to clone COD.

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Bloom? Explain. Sorry my 360 kicked it in mid 2010

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 With bloom, when you shoot, the reticle gets bigger. Because of this, the area where your bullet can go is bigger. Unless you pace your shot, it just gets bigger and bigger. You has to shoot slower with bloom to reduce the randomness. 

Here is a video as well

notice how the reticle expands with bloom, which is a bitch when you are strafing in a hectic firefight. With no bloom, it stays the same.

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its sound like you were a fan of the halo 3 multiplayer personally i like the sprint feature in reach it doesn't make you a sitting duck out in the open. and with the battle rifle i hate it you just die to quickly from it so i do hope they make a blend of reach and 3 in 4. but i do agree with you on the bloom though. 

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@ dexster10 sprint was ok but it made it too easy to make mistakes and get away with them. I think a 3/reach blend would be perfect

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I just want Halo to remain as its own thing, not become a clone of call of duty, and have a team that cares about it enough to patch glitches and fix bugs even years after release.  

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@Perf3ct Cure 343 seems like they might be that team. Bungie took Reach in a more Call of Duty direction and it seems so far that 343 is bringing it back to its roots

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Interesting idea that. I'm still looking forward to playing Halo Anniversary. I appreciate the fact that Halo is now the outlier in a sea of samey CoD clones, makes a nice change from the 05-07 years where every game had Halo in its DNA

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PigheadedBobobo while 343 are a good dedicated team they cant seem to make up there mind on what they want even 1 year after reach came out they were still changing it (for the worse in my opinion) example The sniper rifle in sword base WTF! they also change the amount of damage the assult rifle does. and kept changing other things so i just gave up in the end. so i just hope with 4 they make it one way and keep it one way. as long as the melee isnt as OP as its was in 3.

plus im not sure if 343 controls reaches multiplayer or if bungie still does? also i haven't played reach in 4 months but my friends still tell my its fucked.

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@drxster within the past four months Bungie has indeed handed over the Reach reigns to 343. As for the multiplayer, it depends on which playlist. I can't stand team slayer because of all the armor lock.

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Can't wait for no bloom and the return of the BR. Also I hope the maps are indeed much better in 4, I really hated seeing a Forge World based map every single match I played.

Reach's multiplayer was a disappointment to me.

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@TheDumbMonkey Come one man, don't you love gray? Everyone loves gray! Maybe forge will have colors this time

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