Bravo and BesT MaN FFA Commentary

@BravoMLG has been a proffesoinal halo coach and commentator for about 5 years. He currently coaches Triggers Down but formerly coached the legendary Final Boss to tournament wins. For more content, check out his youtube.


@NickBesTMaN started playing competitive Halo during Halo 2, but has never won an event. He is part of the newly formed Final Boss along with Neighbor, Victory X and Fear It Self. For more content check out his youtube.


John Tarr's picture

Good to see FFA back, that was always one of my favorite gametypes. I hate how there's only 1 map MLG will use though.

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From what I've heard on the Lan Network Live there actually will be new FFA maps for 2012 that will be coming from the Anniversary map pack

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