PS4 vs Xbox One - Streaming

The functionality on the PS4 and Xbox One are dramatically different.

On the Xbox One, you can watch ANY stream. On the PS4, it is incredibly easy to stream to, but you can only watch Twitch streams that are being broadcast through the PS4.

Xbox One Breakdown
~Can watch any stream
~No Sign In, No Chat
~No Streaming

PS4 Breakdown (1:40)
~Insanely easy to stream
~Can only watch PS4 streamers

PS4 vs Xbox One - Ultimate Breakdown

TekkenDevilJin1's picture

You Know you can change the streaming Quality on ps4 in the Share menu's options (by default its not on best) and I noticed a difference. Also did you try watching Twitch Streams on the ps4's Browser?  

John Tarr's picture

Yup, I turned the quality up to Best, and that is NOWHERE NEAR the quality I get with the PS4 hooked up to my PC and stream with Xsplit.

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