PS4 vs Xbox One - Trophies vs Achievements

The trophies on the PS4 and achievements on the Xbox One are very similar, but there is still trophy syncing on the PS4, and the improved layout of Xbox One achievements is a welcome upgrade.

Xbox Achievements
~Timed Challenges
~Netflix & Video App Achievements - Clever but worthless
~Achievement Progress
~Beautiful Layout and Browsing

PS4 Trophies (2:08)
~Trophy Syncing
~Boring Spreadsheet of Data

PS4 vs Xbox One - Ultimate Breakdown

explicit_baron's picture

The PS4 trophies looks more like the Steam achievements stats look. Don't you think the achievements on the Xbox give people unfair advantages? You said they are time sensitive so, if someone doesn't own the game on launch week they can't get the same achievements as someone who did. It seems more beneficial for people who are constantly gaming to get those achievements while people who play on and off can still get 100% of standard achievements but, they now can't get certain special achievements because they are time sensitive.

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