PS4 vs Xbox One - Controller Hands On Comparison

PS4 vs Xbox One controller hands-on comparison.

PS4 vs Xbox One - Ultimate Breakdown

Both the Xbox One and PS4 controllers are excellent, but I prefer the Xbox One controller. The offset joysticks on the Xbox One controller are more comfortable to use than the PS4's joysticks, and the removable batteries on the Xbox One controller give me more options than the integrated lithium ion battery on the PS4 controller.

The touchpad on the PS4 controller is interesting but completely underutilized. The PS4 controller's touchpad is identical to any laptop touchpad, but the PS4's web browser does not use the touchpad to move the on-screen mouse.

Unfortunately for the Xbox One controller, the LB and RB buttons have taken steps backwards from the Xbox 360 controller, but the Xbox One's D-pad is a significant step up from the 360 controller, albeit inferior to the PS4 controller's D-pad. 

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I think I agree with you. I've not had the chance to really get my hands on the xbone's controller yet, but it doesn't appear to be radically dissimilar to the 360s. While I think the new dualshock is a definite improvement over the old one, I prefer the layout of the xbox controller.

I think it could come down to personal preference though. I believe that gamers preferring the dualshocks will be happy with the new changes. The biggest one I think being the sticks themselves. One can see that the tops are dimpled, which adds traction. Additionally, the sticks feel like they are lower in altitude, which for me greatly increased comfort.

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It's absolutely all about personal preference.  

I LOVE the dualshock 4 and it is a ten fold improvement to the wimpy dualshock 3.  And while I haven't held the Xbox One controller yet, it looks completely fine.  The only things I'm nervous about are how the smaller analog sticks and monstrous bumper pads and triggers will feel in my hands.  But I know it won't ever be a problem if I ever decide to pick up a Xbox One because I REALLY enjoyed the 360 controller.

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