On Location: Video Interviews with Jen Taylor (Cortana), Earl Alexander (Louis from Left 4 Dead), and Stoic Studios

Jen Taylor


Our interview with Jen Taylor at RTX 2013, the voice of Cortanta and Halsey in the Halo series, Zoey in Left 4 Dead, and Princess Peach in some Mario games! We discuss her thoughts on Halo 4's creative direction, whether voice actors are gaining prestige, and hear her best Toad impression.


Earl Alexander


Our interview with Earl Alexander, voice of Louis in Left 4 Dead, at RTX 2013. We discuss the crazy rise of the zombie genre as of late, what zombies actually are, and he tells us about how he developed Louis as a character, and even talks about apartment shopping.


Stoic Studios


Alex Thomas and Arnie Jorgensen from Stoic Studios stopped by to talk about their new game, The Banner Saga. We discuss in depth the fan reaction to the decision to make a larger game, the future of Kickstarter and gaming, and the reasoning behind certain stylistic elements in the game.

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I can't believe you were able to land an interview with Jen Taylor. That is so amazing. I can only assume you were so nervous before the interview started.

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Voice actors seem to be nice and easy  interviewees.

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