On Location-RTX 2014: Day 3

Achievement Hunter:

10:10 AM Davis - Here at the AH panel with Jack, Caleb, Ray, Ryan, Geoff, Gavin, Michael, Lindsay, Kdin

10:36 AM AH has two new additions to their teams, the minecraft map builders Axialmatt and one of his partner builders.

10:37 AM Dan the man asking a question in disguise as Dan the nervous guy, asking for a job and a hug from ray.
10:43 AM Ryan for president 2016. Ryan hates anything with his name or face on it apparently, recently refused to take picture with their merch guy with a new shirt based on Ryan. Would you rather have to take a dump when barb makes a pun or only think of Gus during sex ?
Geoff- I've already been thinking about Gus during sex for the last few years, he's the only way I can make it through the day.

10:48 AM Geoff- I thought of this one in the shower, 50,000 a year but have to randomly inhabit rush Limbaugh’s body for seven minutes a day?

10:52 AM Gavin-for 30k I press a button and all the feces of these people come and form in a sphere and smash you in the face?
Geoff - No I wouldn't do it, just think what they've all been eating .
Ryan - But I know what your next slomo video is.

11:00 AM Q-How big do you want AH to eventually be Geoff?
Geoff -The Fuck Train has no breaks.

10:59 AM Michael has just now given a fan his first beer.

11:04 AM Q- do you accept child servants?
Geoff - Ryan keep your mouth shut.

11:09 AM Q- What's your favorite part of RTX?
Jack - getting to see all of you fans, and putting faces to the numbers.

11:23 AM
Well that finishes up the AH panel, lots of fun and interesting updates, and we'll keep you posted on the rest of RTX2014.

The Gauntlet:

11:52 AM Hey, Davis here at the Gauntlet Season 2 panel, with Burnie, Chris, Miles and the Internet Celebrity team, Greg Miller, Freddie Wong, and Adam Kovic.

12:04 PM Chris- What in the world made you want to do this, and did you come into this?
Freddie- Not really they said they would pay for a hotel in Austin and I was like, sure I'll take a vacation.

12:06 PM Joel has just arrived to the panel.

12:08 PM
Burnie- The biggest change there was that the first season was completely fan based and we were really concerned about them as the tournament went on because of pressure, but in the second season with you celebrities we didn't give a fuck about you.

12:17 PM
Miles- Ya I got the email saying that I would be part of the RT team and then Barb emailed back saying ya I'd love to, I SUCK at video games.

12:23 PM
Burnie- My favorite episode was when I was yelling at the Community Team and the sign fell down in the background.

12:33 PM
Adam- I was so afraid to meet Freddie, because I was a huge Rocket Jump fan before the show, and was afraid that you would be such a douche.
Miles- Ya I was afraid that the Celebrity team would be jerks, cuz they would think they would be hot shots, and then I see a guy without a shirt on and I realized these guys were cool.

12:35 PM
Burnie- new RTX slogan for 2015 "Wow! They're not as Douchey as I thought they would be"

12:38 PM Gauntlet Season 2 panel

12:44 PM

Burnie- Originally the concept of the Gauntlet was gonna be like an Immersion style series, but our sponsor wanted something completely separate from any other of our shows, which is how we ended up with The Gauntlet being its own show.

12:50 PM
Q- Who was a better host?
Burnie- Burnie was the best.
Joel- I was less fat.

12:54 PM
Q- Season 3?
Brandon- No, we just have so much to do right now.
Burnie- But never say never.

12:59 PM
Q- How much were things ad-libed?
Chris- everything was not scripted, besides the actual intro stuff, but besides the actual information everything was ad-libed.

01:00 PM
Burnie- Never work with Joel
Joel- Burnie is fatter than I am
Burnie- So you can put all of me on screen when you're not there

Internet Box:

01:58 PM

Here with Alex in the live recording of the Internet Box Podcast.


02:08 PM
The Internet Box crew has just entered the room to the beat of Big Booty Bitches.

02:13 PM
Barbra- Ya I planned this little party with 30 thousand people.

02:17 PM
Michael- So try to win an award we need ten episodes, and we have 7 currently so we will be doing three more episodes, episode X, XX and XXX, gets sexier every time.

02:52 PM
Q- Does your celebrity status bleed into your regular life?
Michael -I can't speak for the rest of you, but yes it does for me, like I'll be stopped in a Wal-Mart and have to sign shit.

02:55 PM
Q- What is the weirdest story ever told on the Internet Box?
Lindsay - Andrew rubbing his dick on the wall.

02:59 PM
Q- What are y'all's favorite memes?
Ray - all of them.
03:07 PM

And that's the end of the Internet Box panel.


02:56 PM
And we are all here now for our final panel- The Know!

02:59 PM

03:03 PM

03:05 PM

03:05 PM


03:06 PM
They're playing an intro video with a bunch of gags and kind of introducing The Know.

03:08 PM
Ashley is talking now, basic introductions. Talking about the start as Rooster Teeth News as an experiment at PAX East last year. And of course, the tremendous growth it's undergone since.

03:08 PM
They didn't want to drown out the rest of the content that they were making, and wanted to expand to movies and TV and tech, so they decided to spin off in March. Brought on Joey as the Associate Producer.

03:09 PM
Then in June they brought on Meg, and have already surpassed their numbers as RT News.

03:09 PM                                                                                                                                                                         Most of the time will be spent on Q&A, but first they'll briefly go over how they got started.

03:10 PM
They're going to show us another thing on the screen now. A new project they've been working on called the Know if All. They stopped doing daily updates, and so this is a weekly news round-up... Hmm...

03:11 PM

03:13 PM
This movie will last about 10 minutes. They're just going through the news at an official looking news desk, with the TV displaying relevant graphics. Speaking very, very fast.

03:15 PM
Some flubs here but all in good fun, it's just a proof of concept, after all.

03:16 PM
Seriously though, can't underestimate how fast they're talking.

03:17 PM
So they just finished video games, and are now moving onto TVs and movies.

03:21 PM
And we're back.

03:22 PM
Questions beginning... NOW.

03:23 PM
Q- Is it really important to keep information and opinions separate?
Eventually there will be technology that can let us do commentary, banter, and such to the information.

03:24 PM
Ashley: News is boring if you just recite a lot of facts. So we do want to make sure we have a lot of personality and a lot of personality comes from opinion. We do try to make sure it's not bleeding over- asserting opinions as fact. But the Patch has a lot more of the opinion and discussion.

03:26 PM
Have you considered getting involved in written content? Maybe with some more intelligent comments?
Ashley: It is on the roadmap, but right now the site is just a pretty YouTube feed. The new RT site will also drive the Know, so we're just biding our time to go with new tech when it comes. But the site right now is a bit of a teaser for what the site will ultimately be.

03:28 PM
Are there any personal topics that you are looking to get into?
Ashley: We really want to go into tech, and so we want to look into that. Meg is our anime person, and she's trying to get me to watch Attack on Titan.
Raucous cheers.

03:29 PM
Joey says he's heavy on TV and movies, when he does tech, he tries to write it interestingly, and sometimes it takes 2-3 hours to get it done.
Dinosaurs, sharks, and volcanoes are the shit.

03:31 PM
Will you guys take over interviews for GameTime?
Ashley: Depends on what it is. Those go on the Let's Plays because they are inherently just more "cerebral" Let's Plays.

03:34 PM
Outside of press releases and Twitter, where do you get news?
Ashley: We might get heads up from PR people a few days in advance. It's boring to reword a press release, so we like to go research the background and put it in context. But really, sometimes we let some of them go by.
Meg: Some of the news comes from industry contacts, like the GameTrailers firing everyone. Some of the most interesting stories are the ones we do as they are growing.

03:37 PM
Do you find it difficult to get your voice out there because so many others are already putting out the news?
Ashley: We're a little bit more casual. This is our job but we're not reviewers, we're just reporting on things we find cool.
Joey: Best part of my job is to pick who I want to read, writing specifically for RT personalities.

03:39 PM
How do you go about researching all of the information? And how to you dilute that into something to present in a 6 minute video?
Joey: I spend the first hour of my day researching stories if it's a heavy news day. But the girls are my go to for asking whether we should report on some things.
Meg: My goal is if a story is everywhere already, I'm trying to put together all the best bits from everywhere so you don't have to read all the articles, adding value.

03:40 PM
Ashley: A company can put out a press release but that's not necessarily what the interesting news is. We try and find out how to make it interesting with research.

03:42 PM
Joey you're the one that picks the announcers?
Joey: I can't really speak well and we have great people at RT to read this stuff.
So you have "guest announcers?"
Ashley: We have so many great personalities at the company and there's such a wide variety of things they're all interested in. It keeps things fresh, and we want the experts on the topic to discuss them.

03:45 PM
For Meg, what are some of your favorite animes?
Meg: Puella Magi Modica Magica, go to crunchyroll and check it out if you love Sailor Moon. It's only nine episodes but fantastic.
For the Know it All, will other people be brought on?
Ashley: Kind of TBD at the moment. We might tape it for sponsors first, and including the flubby bits, and live recording, then put out the good version for the rest. But it might be really tough to get through for another person. And I already do the writing so it's familiar to me, so we're exploring with different segment spotlights.

03:47 PM
Are any of you going to be doing voices for RWBY or RvB in the near future?
Meg: Ashley and I have been joking that we have the same voices, but we want to be evil twins on RWBY.                                                                                                                                                                             Ashley: We should be like Mean Girls. But then we should tie up Monty until we get our way.

03:48 PM
Meg: The Know it All is turned around the same day, so it might be difficult to have someone dedicate the time required.

03:49 PM
Watch some anime Ashley. Question for Meg: What influenced your change from almost being Immersion host to the Know.
Meg; Because I was filming for Heroes of Cosplay, and it happened to be poor timing and it was so funny and I was really bummed. It felt like a huge missed opportunity. So when the Know started evolving I thought it could be something that I could do to help the channel grow.

03:52 PM
In regards to doing interviews, have you thought about doing a full tech interview with someone important like Elon Musk?
Meg; I don't think that necessarily has a place on the Know at the moment, but it's not something that is a current event.
Ashley: It's going to come down to resources as well, a lot of news productions have whole teams dedicated to very specific things. Right now we run very fast and lean. We write, edit, and shoot our own videos.

03:57 PM
I used to be premed and a pediatrician, and now thanks to RTX I decided to study journalism now at UT's School of Communication.
Ashley: Do TSTV, Chris, Blaine, Burnie, and Matt all did TSTV. We get heaps of our interns from there. Burnie was premed as well, but then he figured out that he wanted to make movies. You are not alone

03:58 PM
And with that, RTX 2014 is officially concluded- for us. We've got to rush off to the airport now! We'll have our interviews, photos, and recaps come online in the next few days. We'll see you next year!

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