On Location-RTX 2014: Day 2

Achievement Hunter

Our second day of coverage is choc full of interviews and panels, so lets get right to it!

10:00- Here at the AH panel with Geoff, Gavin, Ryan, Jack, Ray, Micheal, Lindsay, and last but not least Kdin.

10:13- AH just received a giant wooden logo from fans.

10:16-Crowd - hail the mad king!
Ryan- battle to the death for me... no wait I'm kidding!

10:18-Ray to a Mr.Diddler in the crowd- that is my creation!

10:21-Q:can you wish my friend a 17th birthday?

10:23-Geoff- I wish you wouldn't encourage Ryan he's getting crazier so much that I was scared at a panel with him.

10:29-Geoff - we're thinking about doing Lindsay and Kerry Heists.

10:50-Q- which do you prefer for lets plays,GTA 4, or 5?
Geoff- GTA 5. The driving is better, and we're just now starting the map editor, though cops and crooks was great in GTA 4.

10:51-Q- Ryan do you plan out your creepiness or is it spur of the moment?
Ryan - I don't know what you're taking about, I think I'm perfectly responsible.

10:58-Q- Geoff what's the next evolution of your facial hair?
Geoff - Whatever Griffin Ramsey says.

11:02-And that ends the AH panel for today, but fear not there will be another one tomorrow as well.

Ryan almost bludgeoned Kdin over the head with a chair... 


343 Industries

11:51-Simon and [Alex] have arrived in the Main Hall for the 343/Certain Affinity panel where The Master Chief Collection will certainly be discussed. The room isn't too crowded yet, but the line is long so I'm sure it will be soon. In the meantime we get to relax to the tunes of classic Halo music.

11:54-The panel members are mostly here. We will be hearing from Dennis Ries, Max Szlagor and Andy Dudynsky from 343 Industries, and from Max Hoberman and David Mertz from Certain Affinity.

12:03-We are underway here at the Master Chief Collection panel. Andy is running the show here and begins by introducing the panel.

12:04-We're now running through a live build of the MCC running on Xbox One right now!

12:05-As you browse different titles, different music plays for each game, same thing with sound effects. Bringing the nostalgia factor hard.

12:07-Curated content and ways to play the games like LASO for Halo 2. Or perhaps a playlist where it's all Chief or Arby levels consecutively.

12:08- Different multiplayer lobbies for each particular game. SO. MANY. MAPS.

12:09-Trying to make some less popular maps more discoverable the second time around. Curated map playlists for particular gametypes.

12:10-Customizable control schemes bespoke to each different game, or unify them if you want for consistency across games.

12:12- Halo 2 is getting the full anniversary treatment, so tons of skulls have been added, over 30 now. The audio is completely remastered, more info coming at Comic-Con. Terminals also being added throughout the game on the Arbiter's backstory. Incredible visuals on characters being shown now.

12:13-Halo 2 is getting remastered multiplayer, being assisted by Certain Affinity. Stated goals are to remaster maps, but also to upgrade them substantively.

12:14- For many people, Halo 2 was the introduction to the concept of online multiplayer. Max (Hoberman), how did you get involved?

Max: "I thought they were crazy to try this, but it's awesome. This particular project has a ton of significance for me." He was at Bungie before Microsoft, then started the community team post-acquisition. He wanted to do multiplayer design, but what became multiplayer in Halo 1 was very different from what was planned.

  "The dev team was regretting they hadn't shipped the big 32-player multiplayer they originally envisioned." That was the plan for about 6 months, but had opposition to the multiplayer online as is. They decided to entrust the actual Halo multiplayer to him while the rest of the team went to work on the "real" multiplayer.

It was ultimately cut, and suddenly Max had all of multiplayer. Surprise!"

12:19-A lot of Halo 2 was born out of desperation of not having enough resources, not even a dedicated programmer. They focused on smaller to medium maps and arena maps because they thought the epic multiplayer got the larger scale.

12:20-Ivory Tower was originally called Cyclotron, if you were curious.

12:20-Now showing the original paper designs of the maps.

12:23-Now showing an early Ascension map, which was almost cut because all of the traffic went through the dish, and you couldn't get anywhere without going through them. Adding peripheral lower paths helped.

12:25-Now an early paper design of Zanzibar, built in less than 2 months, specifically for E3, really crammed in at the last minute. Fully playable and great showing though. Max really pushed for multi-round single-objective game modes.

12:28-Now onto designing Halo 2 Anniversary. throwing it over to David Mertz with a live demo of the latest development build, "hot off the presses."

12:28-Hardest decision was to decide what the first six maps would be. With the Xbox One, they found that they could make the maps super detailed, but then it just starts to create more noise after a point. It shouldn't start to adversely affect gameplay like finding targets.

12:29-Total immersion and draw distance, the Ascension skybox is a fully to scale Halo ring. Truly incredible visuals.

12:31-Now moving to gameplay. Halo 2 was famous for trick jumps and secrets, and even adding more.

12:32-The sky bridge doesn't really get used all that often, it's too open and limited. So, they did some really subtle things, adding more modifications to fight and adding cover, while maintaining the original spirit of the maps.

12:34-Making the game more approachable for newer players as well. Adjusting spawns and adding dynamic elements, the first time they've been shown.

12:35- One of the wishlist things for Max was that they could have done more things like the wheel and bridges in Zanzibar. They have added an energy shield to the dome, for instance, which can be activated and blocks all incoming projectiles. There are 3 scattered around the map, and then can be used for some innovative new tactical approaches.

12:37-Moving to core gameplay elements: the sandbox.

Player movement

Game Modes
Related options


12:38-The goal for Halo 2 MP Anniversary was to recreate the original sandbox with "targeted enhancements." Vetting every single change, no matter how minor. Promoting teamwork, tactics, and game mode customization.

12:39-They spent weeks trying to just get the jump right. It really started to feel like Halo 2 again when we brought in dual wield.

12:42- David: Outside of putting out the game, testing is the most important thing.

 12:43-Dennis: Feedback is critical. Trying to create all those little things for the pro teams and the hardcore players to help them tune the map.

12:45-Now moving onto the unique gametypes. All new gametypes coming;
Others TBA


12:45-Returning favorites:

Every single original game mode, including

12:46- Race will have a huge number of types. We really treat the Anniversary games as a "director's cut" of sorts.

12:49-Improvements and additions:
Modernizations- spawns, etc.
Weapons- putting the AR in
Weapon sets
Lacked mid-range weapon choices
Magnum tuning- across all the weapons, upping the damage a bit (the God Pistol might almost return)

Director's Cut
Silenced SMG
Speed Boost


12:50-THE MONGOOSE WITH GUNS! The GUNGOOSE. A Mongoose fitted with an LMG in the back. CTF comes highly recommended.

12:51-It can still have a passenger too.

12:52-Showing off some concept art from, yep, Blood Gulch (Coagulation).

12:53- And here comes the almighty Q&A scramble for the last 8 minutes. Oh boy. We're headed out now, however.

12:54-Forge is confirmed for Halo 2 Anniversary.


Music in RvB Season 11 + 12

3:00-At the Music in RvB Season 11+12 panel, with Miles Luna and Nico Audy-Rowland waiting for the room to fill up and begin.

3:09-Nico- Originally in 2003 RvB music consisted of half a files, such as sound effects and fade ins, and this is a very inefficient way to work we found out after 5 or so seasons, then around season 5 I began just sending over cords of sounds that they might want to use till the Free Lancer series which had lots of hard music with Monty's animation.

3:13-Nico- is it ok for me to swear?
Miles- FUCK YA, its a Red vs Blue panel.

3:17-Miles- listening to a guitar chord- a very soothing...
Nico- by that he means boring.

3:22-Miles: Fun Fact: doesn't know music, terminology
Miles: Like i dont know anything like a bar or something
Nico- If you've been in Rooster Teeth long enough you should know what a bar is. 

3;33-(Upon the swirling beach ball of death appearing)
Nico- that little ball right there is a our worst enemy.
Miles- that ball is a dick, they should just replace it with a select figure flicking you off .

3:46-Q- When are we going to be able to purchase more music from you?
Nico- at the end of season 12 hopefully.

3:49-Q- Multiple things have themes, such as characters and places, how do you come up with these ideas?
Miles- I really pay a lot of attention to Villains, cuz I love villains, and so I like to send them into battle with an awesome soundtrack, or sometimes its just by accident.

4:00-Q- How does somebody who works with music find their way to a place like yours?
Nico- I never received any great formal teaching, so luck, or making luck by spamming tons of email, that's what I did, probably composing is one thing that I wish I would know more about.

4:01-Q- Will you help with the score of Lazer Team Nico?
Nico- I hope so.

4:02-Q- what is your favorite song by Nico?
Miles- Colors is hands down my favorite song, I really wish I could do like a long anime like animation intro for that song for RvB.

4:11- And that closes up the Music in RvB Season 11+12 panel, hope you all enjoyed stay tuned for more from RTX.


Immersion Season 2

4:36-Here at the Immersion panel where Burnie and Gus just entered with their Pac Man ghost immersion costumes on, so let's get going!

4:39-Gavin - if you wear a cup the entire day during a shoot never take it off.
Burnie - He was flaunting his cup the entire day, then I kicked it and it felt soft.
Michael - And he just went down.

4:41-Burnie - Lindsay was the worst hire, cuz we were playing piano tiles during one shoot and then Lindsay downloads it and gets the high score without even knowing.

4:44-Burnie- We are now the #1 most funded film in indiegogo.

4:47-Michael- Burnie was so excited at the begining of the session saying like oh we're gonna fuck you guys up

4:48-Immersion will be on hiatus till more ideas have been come up with for a new season.

5:00-Gavin is currently gagging on the panel as Michael regales the driving immersion where both Michael and Gavin were throwing up.

5:09-Burnie - Immersion is one half mythbusters one half Jackass, there has to be some threat of physical pain.

5:18-Q- Are you thinking of doing some sponsor immersions while on hiatus?
Burnie - my answer is gonna be real short, yes.

5:41-Well that raps up the Immersion panel, check back later for pics and more.


RWBY Music

5:46- Here in the RWBY Music panel, or rather concert as they have opened up with two songs, and promise more comments to come, with Jeff and Casey Lee Williams.

6:04-Jeff- When I was in a band I usually used to just say ah, we'll fix it in post, but that just means that some other sucker will fix it later, but now I'm the only sucker.

6:10-Q- Was it a conscious choice to not have any swearing in any of the lyrics?
Jeff- Yes it was a conscious to keep it all age appropriate. There is actually one version out there with one swear word and RT came up to me and was like DUDE and I was like DUDE and we just had the voice actor come back in and do a clean take, but it is out there drifting around.

6:11-Monty has just popped out from behind the desk and is now at the panel.

6:17-Q: Which song do you connect the most with, Casey?
Casey: I don't know, since besides this I am just a high school girl just trying to get through it, but i find strength in i may fall, and Wings gives me perspective when ever things arent going well, cuz you don't know whether its sad or not.

 6:20-Jeff- I never really wrote all that much, I was mainly just in the industry, like in bands, but never actually wrote, besides small nuggets. I actually think I was afraid that if after I wrote a song it wouldn't be good, so I just never wrote anything.

6:24-Q- What ways do you have to come up with music, if it doesn't just come to you?
Jeff- If its for a scene I can draw inspiration from that, but if its just for a song then I just start with one simple part like the tempo or the groove and get inspired from there.

6:31-Jeff and Casey are coming out with an app that will allow you to mix your own music, and looks very cool.

6:35-Well that ends the RWBY Music panel and with that the end of all panels for day 2 of RTX 2014, come back tomorrow for more live coverage of RTX 2014 panels.

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