On Location-RTX 2014: Day 1

RTX 2014

09:12 AM- Hey Everyone! Alex from GameDistiller here in Austin, Texas as we get ready to head on over to the Austin Convention Center. We will be updating here all day on the happenings at everyone's favorite Machinima-originating gaming and internet culture convention. Follow and me here and on @wggswu and @wggram throughout the day for sneak peeks of interviews, panels, and booths on the floor.

11:06 AM- Just settling in here in the media room at the Austin Convention Center. Let me tell you, air conditioning is a wonderful thing! That aside, we are setting up as we get inside an hour till the start of the convention. Whats everyone looking forward to the most? Tweet at me @WGG_ram to let me know!

11:22 AM- Hello from RTX, day 1! This is Phillip reporting from the Austin Convention Center. Beautiful day as we celebrate July 4th and the beginning of RTX 2014!

11:50 AM-The line. 1 hour before the start of convention. Thank god (and and ) for media passes.

12:04 PM- Meet the Spartans.

 12:25 PM-One, big, happy, well armed family.

12:35 PM- GameDistiller's Wu interviews Dave and Adam from Iron Galaxy Studios. Look for the interview to be out on our website soon!

12:36 PM- with some great stuff here, make sure to comment below and let us know what you think!
- Alright everyone, we are getting close to the first panels of the day. will be letting you know whats happening at the RWBY panel while and I will be at our secondary live blog (http://www.wordfaire.com/rtx2014panels/) to let you know whats going on at a panel entitled "From Pong to Peggle: The Evolution of Video Games and Psychology". Sit tight and enjoy.

12:57 PM-Deadpool says hi.

01:06 PM-Just some of the awesome attractions on the show floor.

02:21 PM- Back in the media room, getting ready for our second interview and happened to bump into Burnie Burns. As always, nicest guy, taking the time to talk to everyone who had a question while his Guardian PA and the PR organizers did their best to keep him on schedule.

03:25 PM- Just finished chatting with some lovely folks from Respawn Entertainment, make sure you check out wordfaire.com/rtx2014panels where is reporting from the RTAA panel

03:26 PM- Also, just some housekeeping, at the bottom of each update is a tag, to simply filter by tag, click the tag. Easiest way to see whats going on at just one panel, especially when we have several going on at once

04:23 PM- We just had a lovely chat with the people from Certain Affinity, look forward to telling you all about whats happening at the Live Recording of The Patch here on our main feed

04:53 PM- While is at the Patch, and I will be heading over to the Main Hall where we will be letting you know whats going on at the Red vs Blue panel!
And that's all from us for today. We were about to get to an Iron Gaming interview until the fire alarm went off. So now off to find something to eat...

From Pong to Peggle: The Evolution of Video Games and Psychology

12:57-And we are in the panel room front and center!

1:03- Just one person on the panel, Kelli Dunlap, from Grifball hub and a doctoral candidate in pyschology.

1:05-Kelli addresses common complaints leveled against video games. Mentioned that Plato didn't like pencils as he wanted people to learn, not be reminded. New Tech always opposed.

1:06-Reminder about Max Gruber's excellent Mindshare about Video Games and violence over at game-distiller.com/mindshare

1:06-Other examples of "what's new is scary" : comic books, DnD, etc.

1:07-Mortal Combat took games from being a childs pastime and turned it into a viable medium for expression aimed at teens and adults.

1:08- Issue was ToysRUs was main videogame distributor, so caused major controversy. Senator Lieberman prompted the creation of the ESRB, calling for regulation of videogames.

1:09- Now discussing previous shooting tragedies, and how video games were blamed as the scapegoat.

1:10-Everyone loves statistics! Not math.

1:11-Anderson and Bushman ran an analysis to see if there was a trend in studies. They found that aggressive behavior and video games had a correlation of .19, an extremely weak Pearson Correlation.

1:12-But everyone cherry picks the fact that there is a positive correlation, omitting the fact it's not a big deal.

1:13-Now going over a study on video game addiction. Really trap questions like "Do you skip homework to play video games?" But then taken by the media and spreading it as fact, leaving out key details.

1:14-These studies are flawed because the intent behind these studies is to find that video games are bad.

1:15-Hooray for ditching husbands! Because men played video games, if the media is to be believed.

1:17-Now showing a case studying of a kid who stabbed others after playing a violent video games. He wore an Achievement Hunter shirt in his YouTube rant. But why isn't the fact he said he was bullied not the leading line?

1:17-Let's play 'Name that psychological construct!'

1:20-Change is coming! Huge SCOTUS case in 2011; video games are protected under the First Amendment, 7-2 in favor.

1:21-And now more studies for more complexity! Competition elevates aggression, but not violence.

1:22-Another study: you become aggressive because of a competence error. You won't get as aggressive with a more familiar game as opposed to a new game.

1:23- Jerabeck and Ferguson, 2013: Context over Content. What are the extenuating circumstances around you? Violence=bad is far too reductive.

1:24-Now on to pointing out all the problems with study methodology.

Reliance on self-reporting. People with more problems tend to overestimate their problems and over-report.

1:24-Over 40 studies using actual playing time, 80% showed gamers played 20 minutes or less.

1:27-Some studies have people playing Mortal Kombat for 10 minutes, Others had them playing for 75 minutes. Those who played 10 minutes had a very high correlation with aggression. Those who played 75 minutes had a correlation of almost 0.

1:29-Her study used a tool to capture actual gameplay time, over a long period of time, no issue with time constraints, and found, surprise! No correlation.

1:29-Huge finding: greater distress= greater error in time estimation.

1:47-Citations of course, and that's a wrap!



1:32- Sorry for the delay everyone, having issues with internet but I believe we have them resolved, have a couple updates from the RWBY panel coming next.

1:36- First big update is that there is a Rwby video game in production, playable on the floor. Ruby only playable character currently, Yang will be playable soon.

1:41- Also, for you collectible fans, they've announced plushies for the main RWBY characters.

1:47-Warner brothers Japan is going to dub and produce RWBY in Japan in Japanese. Interesting that RT is exporting Anime-like animation to Japan.

1:47-And I should point this out, this was at Warner Brother's request. Obviously there is a market.

1:51-Someone asked about the lack of gore? Answer: If you have a soul you have an aura, grims don't have souls so they do bleed.

1:54-More questions: Is it hard to animate women in RWBY since triple A developers can't? Monty: you can only do what your engine allows, didn't anticipate background people and on delivery had to have silhouette.

1:55-We also learn episodes in season 2 will be longer, closer to 12 minutes each and there will be extra content.

2:05-How do you come up with names?

Miles Kerry: Sometimes we start with the name of the team then figure out names, other times we have a name we really like and make ridiculous names to match them, it's like a ridiculous game of scrabble.


Has the Internet Replaced Television?

1:31-"Has the Internet Replaced Television?" panel about to start!

1:34-"What can be watched on the Internet?"
Audience: Cat videos
Yes, but also so much more. TV shows, sports, DIY vids, etc.

 1:37-Netflix: 44 million subscribers, 34 million in the U.S.
Hulu: 6 million
Amazon Video: 4 million

Just some of the apps and services available for streaming on laptops, tablets, mobile devices, and others.

1:40-It is estimated that 7.2 million Americans have become "Cord Cutters," where they disconnect from their cable providers, such as Comcast, AT&T, and Time Warner.

1:42-However, this is a relatively small demographic, only about 5% of households. Some of the highest viewed events, such as sports matches, still require roundabout ways to stream them.

1:48-Problems with streaming videos over the internet include quality issues, buffer times, and difficulty with getting to the content, such as having to go through a convoluted login process.

This is contrasted with the ease of turning on a TV and instantly getting to whatever channel you want.

1:50-While a lot of content is streamed through the Internet, very little of it is original content native to the Internet.

1:56-Internet content creators still have a long way to go to catch up with the numbers of cable content providers.

Pewdiepie: 2.4 million views within a 24 hour period.
NCIS: 18 million views either live or within 8 hours on DVR.

 1:58-The Internet is gaining, but it still has a long way to go in order to usurp TV as the world's content provider.

2:11-Now Entering a Q&A session.

Q:How might the business and content of the Internet and traditional television merge?

A: Content may be shifting more towards an internet model: shorter episodes or videos, many more content creators making a wide variety of content. However, the biggest names in internet content, such as Rooster Teeth, also had very business savvy people and ran a successful business, and so as the business aspects of content creation are more likely to mimic television companies.

 2:20-Q: How can content creators on the internet approach the production quality of television shows?

A: It is really easy to start creating content on the internet. While initially the content would have to be done really cheaply and at a lower quality, but if you are creative enough with your content eventually you can gain more and more views and revenue, and so you have the resources to create better and better content. Examples include youtube channels like Freddiew and Corridor Digital.

2:29-Q: How can live sports make the transition from television to the internet?

A: The NFL, MLB, and other actual sports companies do very little in connecting to an audience; instead, they sell the rights to broadcasters like FOX and ESPN. If an internet broadcaster gains the resources to compete with these television broadcasters, then maybe we will start seeing a shift towards streaming sports on the internet.

2:32-Panel wrapping up. See ya next time!



03:09 PM- here at the RTAA panel with Burnie, Gus and Jordan in the Main Hall.
03:15 PM- Q: what is your biggest inspiration Jordan? "Ice Cream, Pizza Masturbation? "
Jordan: Home star runner and Ed Edd and Eddie really inspired me to do animations.
03:23 PM- Gus: growling like a panther for episode 150 was the craziest thing I've ever done
Burnie: remember we had you jumping out of a mayonnaise jar at one point
03:25 PM-Burnie: how has your art changed?
Jordan: The arms got MORE noodly
03:27 PM- Q: have you done anything more with Bravest Warriors?
Burnie - you can play as drunk Burnie Catbug later in the Bravest Warriors Game
03:33 PM- Q:is there anything you dont want to or won't make?
Jordan: I don't animate myself or my hot sister
03:48 PM- Gus:what is the next innovation in RTAA?
Jordan: different shades of blue
Gus:how did you come up that shade of blue?
Jordan: I wanted it to resemble a blue pen color
Burnie: yes it's called default blue
04:01 PM- Q: how long does it take to make the RTAAs?
Jordan: 2-3 days and then the rest of the day is finding ideas for the next ones
04:04 PM -Q- Will people be updated as they change, such as Geoffs mustache?
Jordan - once Geoff has the mustache in the story he'll have one in the animation.
04:29 PM -A surprise appearance by X-ray and Vav with the confirmation of an X-ray and Vav animated series coming out in a few months to end the RTAA panel.

Red vs Blue

05:04 PM-Phew, not a moment too soon! and I arrive as they are giving away the last of the chairs, it is fully packed here in the Main Hall
05:04 PM
05:06 PM- Even though this panel is listed as starting at 5, we are still waiting, presumably so they can pack every last person into this room with a capacity of several thousand. Think it is almost time to get started
05:07 PM- The lights dim, the crowd cheers, and we are underway!
05:08 PM- Miles says: "Previously on Red vs. Blue..." Cue a highlight reel of the most recent episode.
05:09 PM- Miles is on stage, and making fun of us for the cliffhanger.
05:09 PM
05:10 PM- ...and he's gonna show us the next episode right now. No spoilers will be provided here though. He does tell us it is fifteen (15!) minutes long.
05:10 PM- We'll be back with y'all in 15 minutes.
05:26 PM- And we're back! Here we go, everyone is coming out now to fill out the rest of these chairs. It's a great episode, look forward to it on Monday.
05:26 PM- We've got all of the cast members, Burnie is gently reminding Miles that the panelists would have liked to be introduced personally...
05:27 PM- And we've got Joel, Miles, Kyle, Josh, Chris, Ray Haddock (not to be confused with Ray from AH), Shannon, Matt, and finally, but certainly not least, Burnie.
05:28 PM
05:29 PM- Joel comments and compliments the writing for being great, very funny. Burnie remarks on just how many people there are in this room.
05:29 PM- The agenda today according to Miles: "the stupid shit that goes on while we make the show".
05:31 PM- Matt is so grateful that the team has been working so hard making dumb horn sounds.
05:31 PM- Lack of pictures because there's not much action other than the panelists talking... so just use your imagination.
05:32 PM- The conversation is just pinging back and forth, everywhere. One minute epic sax guy, the next What Does the Fox Say?
05:33 PM- Matt remembers in Season 10 when Miles would literally not stop listening to Gangnam Style. Fortunately, the episode turned out fine.
05:35 PM- Miles is evidently a tottering old man with Alzheimer's.
05:36 PM
05:36 PM- Chris talking about how he got hired by Rooster Teeth, so he started the Minecraft Mini-mations, and he was then brought on remotely to do the AH animated recap. But before that even, he entered the Season 9 music video contest. His entry consisted of Tex kicking everyone.
05:38 PM- So there you go guys. The answer to the most asked question: How do I work at RT?
05:39 PM- Joel: I need Josh. Don't take him. And now he's with RvB. THANKS JOSH.
05:40 PM- And now it's time for Q&A. Cue the epic Hunger Games race for pole position.
05:40 PM- Ground rules: No questions on future plot. No dumb questions.
05:41 PM- Q1: How long does it take to film one scene?
Really depends on the scene.
Joel is busy attempting to get Chris back.
05:43 PM-Miles: We can do up to three episodes a week, but then we start getting mad at each other.
05:44 PM- Q2: What are Theta and Iota's attributes in Project Freelancer.
Matt: Iota was smallness, Theta was skateboardiness.
Burnie has confirmed this.
Q3: Will we learn any other of the Freelancer's real names?
Miles: Spoiler question.
05:44 PM- Q3: Can you give a message to the assembled fans in your character's voice?
Chaos ensues.
05:45 PM- Q4: How hard has it been to write around plot points where you didn't expect them to go that long?
Miles: I will relate Joel's answer that there are no plot points.
05:47 PM- Burnie: "Miles has done a great job of getting the voice of RvB."
05:47 PM- Shannon: "The plot point that only happened in Episode 8 of this one season, he knew it was all going to happen again. He's thinking seasons ahead."
05:48 PM
05:49 PM- Q5: Obligatory thanks to all of them. Now a request for Joel. In Caboose's voice, explain why you hate babies.
Joel: I need a writer.
05:50 PM- Even though there will be plenty more questions and thanks to go around, we've got plans for an interview with Iron Gaming on the convention floor, so that's a wrap for RvB! Thanks for joining us today!
05:51 PM- OH WAIT. One last thing before we go. Eddie Rivas is working on an RvB book and expanded universe. So there.

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