Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts Review

Banjo Kazooie Nut and Bolts Review

Have you ever had the joy as a child of playing with legos? Did you enjoy the humor brought to you by the original Banjo Kazooie games? Then there is no reason why you should not love the creative, funny game which is Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts.

Banjo Kazooie NAB starts off with the duo, Banjo and Kazooie, back in their house at Spiral Mountain. They are out of shape from eating excessive pizza and spend their time playing video games since they have defeated Gruntilda in the previous Banjo Kazooie games. They are brought back to action by the Lord of Games to compete in a series of games against Gruntilda. This is the majority of the overarching story telling that they give you besides each worlds mini story.

The gameplay of Banjo Kazooie NAB consists of vehicle based objectives. These objectives will be a variety of missions like racing in cars, planes or boats, delivering objects, king of the hill, darts, dominoes, smashing, and may other wacky objectives. You access these objectives by going to separate worlds from the overall hub world and from there each world is separated into different acts. The objectives are given by Banjo Kazooie characters from the past like Mungo Jumbo, Klungo, Bottles, the Jolly Dodger, and more. In order to complete each objective successfully, you must build a vehicle to complete that objective. If you are doing a race, build a car with a lot of speed by providing powerful engines. If you are pushing blocks, build a car that has the ability to blow, or build a giant wall to push them all out of the way. Every way you complete an objective could be different from the next person because there is not a specific way that you have to complete it. The option of making Banjo Kazooie NAB an easier game is based on your ability to think out of the box with each objective and your creativeness. It is one of the most creative and inventive game designs in video games to date and is well worth playing through.

The design of the game is still very good looking. In a world with many dark first person shooters, this game is very refreshing by being extremely colorful in the way that a Nintendo game looks. It also looks very much like a Banjo game with wacky character designs that show how exaggerated the characters are. The soundtrack in the game is also wonderful like past Banjo Kazooie games. Grant Kirkhope, composer of Rare games like Goldeneye, Banjo Kazooie, Donkey Kong 64, and the recent Kingdoms of Amalur, has still composed the music and did a wonderful job at the tunes being stuck in my head even as I am writing this.

Along with the vehicle based objectives, the Lord of Games has you do what you would normally do in a Banjo Kazooie game. You go around each world and collect Jiggies and notes as currency in order to progress throughout the game. Along with this, their are optional objectives from Jingos, like in the past games, where you get Jingo bingo tokens for King Jingalings bingo game. Plus, Klungo owns an arcade where you can play a difficult, time-based platformer in order to earn more notes. With these notes, you can buy spare parts and blueprints from Humba Wumba in the main hub world.

Although the fun vehicle gameplay may be a strong reason for you to play through NAB, the humor in the game is as strong as ever. NAB pokes fun at gaming tropes of today like every game needing to be a shooter and collecting dumb collectibles for no reason. It also makes fun at the Banjo Kazooie fiction with Kazooie making wise jokes to the other characters like she is known to do. The humor in the game is well worth experiencing for yourself and it makes you truly appreciate the well thought out dialogue, even if no one in the game actually speaks.

Even if this isn’t a traditional Banjo Kazooie game, NAB is on par to the quality of the past Banjo Kazooie games. The vehicle based objectives and humor are the main reason why anyone should come to this game and it is absolutely worth the purchase (I was able to get it for $10 with Viva Pinata on Amazon so it is easy to find cheap). I am someone who doesn’t even like racing games or vehicle combat in games but Banjo Kazooie makes it fun and bases the success on the game on how you can manipulate and create a vehicle in order to complete each objective. This is an absolute great game and a game that I can easily recommend to anyone!

Publisher: Microsoft Studios

Developer: Rare, Ltd

Release Date: November 11, 2008

Number of Players: 1 (Campaign) 8 (Online)

Platforms: Xbox 360 (Reviewed) 

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For any future reviews, I'd post some pictures. Copy an image's URL address, click on WGG's "Image" button, and paste the URL address into the first blank field.   

I did happen across some punctuation and grammar mistakes, but overall the quality is above average. 

I recommend using an online thesaurus to avoid abundant repetition though. The word "objective" appeared thirteen times in your review. Mix it up with words like goal, mission, or target. 

You can always PM me the review beforehand so that I can correct any blatant errors. 

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Cool!  Thanks for the feedback! 

NoobSauceG7's picture

Cool!  Thanks for the feedback! 

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