Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm changes


The story will focus on Kerrigan after Wings of Liberty as she gains more power and focuses on her revenge on the Dominion. The game will have some more RPG-elements with Kerrigan being a main unit in the singleplayer. Upgrades and the focus of how you evolve will be gained through missions since the zerg gain power by infesting planets and their inhabitents. I won't go on much more to avoid spoilers but I'll end by saying that the game takes 20 hours to finish.



I will go over each race going through removals, changes and the new units:




None, Blizzard says that Terran " is the most complete race", and seeing their results in Korea they might be right.


- Reaper: loses his d8 charge attack (the attack they use against armor and buildings) and it'll gain a (researchable?) HP-gain skill. 

-Thor: is now a "hero unit", you can only have one. It's also very late game and will be bigger, slower but more dangerous.

-Ghost: their cloak abillity is now more of a spell. You cast it and you can't turn it off anymore. So it requires a set amount of energy now.

-Battlecruiser: will gain a new skill that temporarely increases their movement speed.

New units:

The Shredder : a factory unit that has two states. In his mobile state, it can't do anything. In it's stationary state it has an area of effect attack that attacks both air and ground. When there's a friendly unit nearby it stops the attack.

The Warhound:  an anti-air unit that also has a good ground anti armor attack. But it has a short range on ground.

The Battle Hellion: a transformation for the hellion making it more robust but less agile.




The overseer is now gone since it wasn't very usefull.


- Hydralisks will get a speed buff that needs to be researched first.

- Corruptors gain a new skill instead of corruption that damages buildings.

- Ultralisks now have a burrow dive skill that allows them to quickly charge into battle

- Banelings now have the abillity to move while being burrowed. 

New units:

The Viper: A flying support (detector) unit that has 3 spells:

  • Blinding Cloud: disrupts the range on enemy units bringing it to melee range.
  • Abduct: allows the Viper to pull units to himself.
  • Ocular eye: a one time only abillity that channels the detection ability of the Viper onto a friendly non massive unit.

The Swarm Host: A ground brood lord that allows for mid-game siege abillities. Good for attacking stationary defenses and map controll.







- Nexus now has two new spells:

  •   Mass Recall: The Mothership spell, allows you to call your units to your base.
  •   Arc Shield: Creates an extra shield around a chosen building protecting it and giving it a cannon for a certain amount of time.

New units:


The Tempest: A new capital ship that has an Area of effect anti air attack but also has a good ground attack.

The Oracle: A caster that's made from the Stargate and has a few harrasement spells:

  • Entomb: allows to disrupt mining from a certain mineral patch
  • Preordain: allows you to see what a certain building is making.
  • Phase shift: Phases a building to prevent it from being attacked but also prevents it being used. So using it on enemy buildings stops it from attacking or producing.

The Replicant: can transform into a targeted enemy unit gaining it's stats and upgrades.



WARNING: These things can change.

slytown's picture

So excited about the Shredder and the Battle Hellion.

MarioDragon's picture

And what detects for Zerg now? Overlords?

Razzler's picture

Sporecrawlers are an option as they have always been and the ew Viper also acts as a detector.

NightShroud's picture

Wow, my post made the front page! And yes, I think the Viper will be a detector. I haven't got a good statement about it but seeing it can give detection to other units I think it is a detector.

bip267's picture

the tempest will be a great addition to Protoss. I mean we are giving up the carrier and the mother ship for this unit so it better be good. Its supposed to be like an ht for the sky. and has an area attack range. so get 5 of them and you can wipe out an enemies air units with little trouble.

NightShroud's picture

I think the tempest is a more late game way to deal with air and drops especially. Also punishing a zerg for clumping up his overlords so you can destroy his supply. There's a lot of possibilities now.

herbbread's picture

The replicant is the unit that's exciting me the most currently.  I'm sure it's going to be one of the hardest things to balance, but the gameplay possibilities are huge.  Imagine for your 3rd expansion, instead of doing something standard, you replicate a scv and build a command center.  Now, as a protoss, you have access to all the terran units including seige tanks and marines not to mention mules.  That death-ball will really be insane.

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