NYC & DC Travel Vlog w/ Wolfenstein: The New Order Gameplay

New vlog format! All feedback is greatly appreciated. Let me know who your favorite vloggers are (videogame or otherwise) so I can try to learn from the best.

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I've been watching LPers like Geoplp and ChipCheezum, mostly cause they seem to do a great job with researching the games, and they are also entertaining as hell.  Geop has an LP of Dark Souls that is killer.

I'm not sure if this is usefull cause you'll probably have a different format than them, but still.

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I like how you recorded yourself moments before you could of died and all you thought was "I need to record video games that's more important" haha.

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Playing the game and trying to listen to you tell your story is distracting. I liked the podcast because it was just talking, and your stories are always interesting. That's why I think for future vlogs, you should either record a playthrough before, and play it side-by-side in the background (with lower sound next time) and then just comment here or there about the game if that's important, or just play a Let's Play and skip the storytelling.

Basically, stick to one thing.

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@kRN, Well, unfortunately, the podcast is most likely dead, since it won't make sense to call it 2 Chimps on a Davenport, when Dan is no longer working for WGG.

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He could go for an LP with somebody else, though.  Prerecorded gameplay, commentary with someone over skype or something, I think that's the way some LPers do it.

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1 Chimp on a Davenport sounds kinda stupid. you're right.

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