NFL Pigskin Pick'Em Signups

Football is almost here! Sign up for our free NFL Pigskin Pick'Em League. ESPN Pigskin Pick'Em Signup (password is wgg)


  1. $60 Gift Card
  2. $30 Gift Card
  3. $15 Gift Card
  4. through 10. - WGG Merchandise (I think we will be out of beer coozies by the end of the NFL season, so whatever we make next!)


This is by far the easiest NFL fantasy game to play, even if you have NO IDEA how football is played (I'm looking at you soccer fans).

Pick the winner of each NFL game every week. Every correct choice is worth 1 point. Whoever gets the most points at the end of the season wins.

This year, the league will also drop the score of your worst week, meaning that if you forget to pick one week, you aren't completely screwed.


It's free! Sign up already!


YetiFan575's picture

John last year you tried your best and you failed miserably the lesson is never try.

John Tarr's picture

UPDATE: 63 people signed up so far

Charlie Walker's picture

Im gunna win bitches

jShipp's picture

I won 2 years ago but didn't play last year so time for me to make my comeback 

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