Just a Taste...

So I was recently told that Dead Space was an awesome game... and slightly scary. Of coarse being the show off big man I am I went off and bought the first and second of the series. Since I had the capabilities and I wanted to stream I decided to cast the game to one of my friends and who ever else was watching. And this friend was the guy that made me buy the game. As their are many scares in which I freak out over this one blows my MIND!! This was the first time any of the necromorphs actually hurt almost to death and I couldn't get rid of the asshole that made more from dead people! So I basically barely survived then decided to blame Mike... I still blame you...

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Dude your mic quality sucks...if you continue doing more of these, I highly recommend buying a better one. Dan and I use the Blue Snowball

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I know but its better during just normal recordings. I dont know why the quality drops off during streaming but I have some money left over so Ill look into it!

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You should listen to Beer_Baron. I couldn't even continue watching the video because of the lack of sound quality.

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I found this really funny. Reminds me of when two of my friends were playing half life 2 for the first time. Anyway, these freak out moments are why I love deadspace so much. I think the whole horror genre needs to take note.  As said above, your mic is pretty bad. It really detracts from the experience.


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