My long explanation on why the console wars are irrelevant and why we should buy what suits us.

After seeing all the pressers today for E3, I can happily say I am extremely excited for the next generation of games on BOTH consoles. But wait. I'm not allowed to buy two different consoles, so I must chose only one in a TellTale twist that was laid on the table by both Sony and Microsoft. In that case I'll stick with my PC, because I'd rather not type this TLDR block of text on my phone. What? I can buy both? Well lookie there, all problems are solved.

The real question is, for those who don't have $900 to shell out at launch, which should I get? Although my personal belief will undoubtedly draw in tons of hate from one side if not the other, it is just that, my personal belief. And this competition in the gaming market is there to allow consumers an option that best fits them.

So what do I suggest? Well, as an an extreme fan of both the PS1 and PS2 before switching over to the 360, this is a tough one for me, but I think I will be picking up the Xbox One before the PS4. HOLD OFF ON THE NUKES! I have a valid explanation for my choice.

Xbox One: I personally liked what I say from Microsoft today at E3. A slue of good looking exclusives and launch titles. That's my key thing, launch titles. As much as Kingdom Hearts 3 and the new Final Fantasy installment captured my heart (no pun intended) as well as other internet fanboys across the world. I doubt either will be ready by launch, or even this year. Hell, Kingdom Hearts 3 could easily be released in 2015. And I know I know, the have other exclusives such as Kill Zone and Infamous Second Son (Which looks stunning might I add!). But these are titles that are well into their respective franchises that I have yet to start on yet. Assuming the PS4 has no backwards compatibility I have strong intentions on buying a PS3 and all of the best exclusives dirt cheap in preparation for me buying a PS4 next year. The Xbox Live service has also had a special place in my heart. Microsoft gets social interaction like no one else. They emphasize memorable moments like classic Halo 2 clan battles or communicating with a buddy while you are both playing Mass Effect with completely different stories. As I prepare to go into my Freshman year at Georgia Tech. I want to have a connected experiences with the people in my building. I don't want to hear any of that Madden isn't for true gamers nonsense, because a game at 120 fps is nothing if it's not fun. Along with the fact I already have an active gold subscription, the xbox one emphasizes other entertainment opportunities when I just want to relax and not be attached to a controller at 11am in the morning or 11pm at night (Although I often am). As much as the community has whined about these features I am one who will gladly take what is offered to me. Finally, the DRM always on nonsense. While I think it was an odd move my Microsoft. I PERSONALLY am not one to game offline...ever. I may have gamed offline once last year. The policy for sharing games is complicated, but I am hoping this opens the door for Microsoft to do Steam like sells with AAA titles. All the titles are digital, and the disc is basically irrelevant. So if Microsoft wants to deal a huge blow to sony, they can start having crazy deals for titl