WikiGameGuides Community Game Night: Mortal Kombat

Everyone in our WikiGameGuide community is welcome to join me in a funfilled day of gaming.  On Friday July 15 I will be hosting a game night for Mortal Kombat on the Xbox 360(sorry PS3 users).  The event will begin at 6:00pm EST, so if your not in my timezone make sure you know when it will start for you.  Even if you can't make it, or you don't have Mortal Kombat for Xbox, have no fear because John will be streaming the event live.

Since now you know when the event occurs, here's how to get there.  Once you enter the Xbox live section of the main menu, select "Join Room".  Now that your in the room select screen all you need to do is find the room called WikiGameGuides.  Remember only 99 people can join a room so if it gets packed i'll make another room called WikiGameGuides2 and so on.   

I hope to see everyone there and find the rooms alright.  If there are any questions don't be afraid to comment or PM me. If you don't have a WikiGameGuides account you can message me on Xbox Live. My Gamertag is MrPERRINOID.

When the event ends I would like if you tell me in the comments how I did and if you would like me to host game nights more often.  Thanks everyone!

AinEstonia's picture

No stream or anything for it? 

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well nobody showed up so there was no stream in the end

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