Battlefield 3 Beta First Impressions


Map: Operation Metro

Mode: Rush

Keep in mind this is a beta.


Finding matches can be frustrating. It took me 45 minutes just to find one match. But I guarantee you, it is indeed worth the wait.


Players can choose from four different classes: Assault, Engineer, Support or Recon. They all have their advantages and disadvantages, and a well balanced team can decide who wins or loses the game.

Assault specializes in rifles like the M16, grenade launchers, and can hand out health packs.

Engineers use sub-machine guns and rocket launchers. They also have a blowtorch to repair vehicles.

Support use Light Machine guns like the SAW and RPK. They can also hand out ammo packs and use bipods to make shots more accurate when prone.

Recon use Sniper Rifles to take out targets from afar and have special gadgets to aid the team.

My impressions:

Most of the classes feel the same, with exceptions to the gadgets. Weapons can now switch between auto fire to semi auto with the hit of the d-pad, turning weapons that normally wouldn’t be used at long range into accurate killing machines. In Battlefield Bad Company 2, The Assault class carried the ammo packs; not anymore. This time Support carries the ammo and Assault aids in health regeneration; a weird switch if you ask me. Also, I haven’t exactly figured out the Recons gadget. It appears to be a motion sensor, but unlike in other titles, can’t be thrown and must be dropped at the player’s feet. The weapons are however, very well balanced and each shot feels sturdy.

Combat and movement

Combat is hectic, requires quick reflexes, and good eyes. The first section of Operation Metro is open and requires good eyes to see the targets in the distance.  However, when both objectives have been taken, open combat changes to close quarters as the battle moves to destroyed subway tunnels. Teams will have to change tactics and prepare accordingly. Also, health isn’t as large as in other Battlefield titles so getting shot a couple times can normally mean death.   

Movement is very fluid. Players sprint fast and can drop to prone almost instantly if an enemy is spotted. Players can also jump over obstacles in one easy motion as opposed to stopping and climbing over, which can mean life or death on the battlefield.


There are plenty of unlocks to keep you one step above the competition. Weapons attachments are earned by using a weapon more often ( ie acog scopes). Class unlocks are earned by playing as a certain class frequently (ie grenade launchers for Assault, Rocket launchers for engineers), and ability unlocks are earned for overall leveling up (ie sprint upgrade). At the end of every match, stats can be viewed to see what the next unlock is for a certain weapon, class, or level.


Frostbite 2.0 is truly a masterpiece and must be seen to experience its beauty. Gunshots and footsteps echo in empty spaces and can give away your position rather easily if an enemy is close by. Trees, fires, smoke, and dynamic lighting bring the maps to life like no other. There are destructible environments, but nowhere near as refined as Bad Company 2 (this is a beta after all). In conclusion, Frostbite 2.0 is the best engine to date and will pave the way for future titles.