I Wanna Be The Guy Review

I don't know about you, but sometimes big name games get much too overhyped, which create a seemingly impossible water mark to reach.

Sometimes games actually reach that high standard, eg. Portal 2, but it still is relaxing to sit down and play an indie game for once. It helps clear your mind, and relax with a little game that someone who just really likes games decided to make. Minecraft is an awesome example to this, where you can play for hours doing whatever you want, and just let your mind go.

If you want an experience like that DO NOT GET THIS GAME!

I Wanna Be The Guy is a game about masochism, oh wait, that's what you have to be to play it. This game is frustratingly hard. If you're the kind of person that thought Portal and Portal 2 were for mentally disabled people, or that you're the best puzzle solver in the world, try this game out.

This indie game was made by one guy, who apparently decided that natural disasters, disease and crazy dictators weren't wiping out the population of Earth fast enough, so he created a game to speed up the process.

All you can do in this game is move left and right, jump, shoot and die. A lot. It was designed in 8-bit fashion, and the object is to move through the different stages in order to reach (and hopefully defeat) a boss. Oh yeah, did I mention you die alot?

Now you may be thinking "How is this game fun?", well all by itself it is in a certain kind of way. The whole time you're playing, it's almost as if the game is sitting there calling you a pussy everytime you give up. So you retaliate by yelling "NO I'M NOT!" and keep playing. And playing. And playing. Till you finally have to leave lest you punch you monitor and eat your keyboard in frustration.

Where the game gets really interesting is in it's deaths. The amazingly obscene and ROFL LOLZridiculous. In the FIRST level, apples are above you. Then they fall. If they hit you, you explode. Seriously, C4 apples. Then you get the right side, and have to go up to the second level to go back to the left side. THEN THE APPLES START FALLING UP. And they kill you. THAT'S THE FIRST LEVEL. But what really makes the game interesting is the deaths. The deaths and awsome.

Also, when you get friends to play this game, watching them fall prey to some of the more stupid deaths, that were inmpossible to know about, but you did, is HILARIOUS.

Ready to pay for the game? TOO BAD, IT'S FREE!!!! You can get it by clicking here.

My final score for this game?

5 apples / -2 clouds


MrDudeMan's picture

I used to play this game a long long time ago. Despite being hard, it was actually not a bad game. Wish there was a sequel.

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