Recommendations - A Retrospective

This part 2 of my return to WGG post, so if you haven’t read part 1 which is about why the absence took place, then you can read it here.

So in this part I intend to go over what games and movies I’ve been playing / watching and that I recommend you try.


Saints Row: The Third

Have you played Saints Row: The Third yet? Because if you haven’t then you missed out on a good game. It’s not perfect but that doesn’t mean it still isn’t extremely fun, and if you need evidence of that then you should probably go watch Dan and John’s Drink Along. I didn’t watch very much, but they seemed to like the game and for god reason. If you were someone who thought that GTA IV suffered for its loss of creativity and colourful attitude, then look no further. Saints Row 3 is undoubtedly the spiritual successor to GTA:SA and any fans of that game should check this out.

Trackmania 2: CanyonTrackmania 2: Canyon is a game that I’ll admit isn’t for everyone. Its balls-to-the-wall mentality is one that will appeal to arcade racer fans but that’s not to say it’s an arcade racer. It doesn’t have a genre, but if I were hard-pressed to put it into one, I guess it would be a kart racer. If you’ve never seen the game in action then imagine time trials filled with the most physics defying and nonsensical track design. Giantbomb’s Quick Look will show you what I mean. At $24.99 this game is a bit expensive for what you get, but the servers filled with absolutely insane tracks and ridiculous dubstep more than make up for the price. This game is great to pop into for twenty minutes, race a few tracks, and then leave again.

Just Cause 2Do you like chaos, shitty accents, and motherfucking explosions? Well considering how you read WGG, I’m going to assume that you do, which is why you should play Just Cause 2. This game is one of my all-time favorite games to jump into and do nothing but cause shenanigans. There is something so satisfying about standing on a crane, blowing it up, falling face first into the ground, pulling a parachute out of your ass, then stealing a guy’s car after tethering him to the back of it and driving it off a cliff. Just a word of caution: I’ve played 30 or so hours and I’ve only completed 4 faction missions. This game is basically an enormous sandbox of tomfuckery, how could you not love that?

Dirt 2I know you might be about to say something to the effect of “Hey what about Dirt 3? That came out you know…” to which I would respond “Yeah, I know.” The reason I’ve been playing this instead of Dirt 3 is one simple reason: I bought this for $5 on Steam. And from what I’ve heard, Dirt 3 is extremely similar to this game except with new events and tracks. Which makes sense because why fix what’s not broken? Dirt 2 is a great racing game that even 3 years later holds up well, and fits perfectly for someone who likes rallying and sims, but still likes a bit of arcade racer in their games. And for $20 (or wait for the inevitable sale) it’s worth it.

Need for Speed: Hot PursuitThe last game that I recommend to you is Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. Not only is this probably the greatest Need for Speed game, but also the greatest arcade type racer that keeps some semblance of realism. While playing as a racer is still as fun as ever, I think that what makes this game so fun is playing as the cops. Actually having to use a bit of strategy was nice and getting all the gold medals was a bit of a challenge, but not frustrating. If you like any of the old Need for Speed games or Burnout: Paradise then I think that you’ll really like this game.



American Beauty


Oh Kevin Spacey, 12 years later and your borderline paedophilia still scares the piss out of me. Hey at least you got an Oscar for it.




Tupac: Ressurection
Now I’ve never been the biggest rap fan, but this story movie is still a must see in my opinion. If you have any interest in Tupac then you owe it to yourself to watch this movie.




The Filth and The Fury


Ever wanted to see how 4 angst riddled teens started one of the most infamous bands in history? Or how they put a nation in panic? Or maybe you just want to see the origins of punk rock. No matter where you fall, this film is right for you.




Full Metal Jacket


“Where are you from boy? Texas? Only two things come from Texas: steers and queers! And you don’t look like any kind of steer to me!”






- What happens if the hound catches the hare?
- Then the hare is fucked.
- Proper fucked?
- Oi, proper fucked.




Other Movies That I Recommend:
- The Usual Suspects
- Die Hard I, II (Die Harder), III (With a Vengeance)
- Wet Hot American Summer
- The Warriors
- The Fugitive
- Se7en (Seven)
- RIP – A Remix Manifesto (P.S. Thanks Dan)
- Requiem for a Dream
- Philadelphia
- In Bruges
- Clerks (Only the first one)
- Almost Famous

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