Portal 2 DLC - Art Appreciation

Below is the first of a series of videos of GenaralSkar's and mine's blind playthrough of the new DLC in Portal 2. We fail miserably in some parts, but we eventually get through. Sorry if there's any echo with the audio, that was unavoidable.

The new DLC is a lot of fun, GlaDOS being as sadistic as ever. The puzzles are the most challenging of any of the game, at least they were when we were doing them semi-late in the day. It has about as much replay value as the rest of Portal 2, you play through it once and then maybe another time then you probably won't for again for a month or three. Being free though, I can't complain. The 1 hour 40 minutes it took us to go through the 9 added levels was a lot of fun, and we'll be re-recording it again some day.

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